Price check--SC Targa in proper '70s color

about 1 year ago
Price check--SC Targa in proper '70s color
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Hernando Beach, FL

After 9 years, I'm ready to move on to my next Porsche. I've been watching the market and I think it's a good time to sell my '81 SC Targa.
Pelican community input and Tech Articles have kept this car running (most of the time) that I've owned it. It is a great driver with Preservation class possibilities (for those so inclined).
It's a Cali/Texas/ Florida car with zero winters or rust. It was ordered in this orange (Continental? Gulf?) from the factory and it is 90% original paint. 137,000 miles. Rebuilt the 3.0 recently with 964 cams and early exhaust (sorry, smog testers).
Just refreshed the transmission and new clutch. Ice cold upgraded air conditioning. Factory sport seats, LSD.
New brakes all around, good rubber. Usual upgrades and repairs.
So, what should I ask? I was thinking of offering it here first, but I've got an interested buyer here in the southeast who's waiting for my price. Here's a couple of photos from today (yeah, it was sunny......and 45 degrees.)