1997 Euro Spec BMW M3 - under 27k KM !

3 months ago
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I am trying to help my good friend Graeme @ autotraderimports sell his absolutely mint 1997 Euro spec 3.2 6spd M3
The car only has 26,250KM on it and as you see from the pics, is perfect.
it does has a couple mods on the car (a model car in the trunk) but it can all pop right out.
The car is located in Japan, but i have bought many cars over the years from Graeme and you wont find a better person to deal with.
If you buy the car i'll help you out with importing and registering the car in Ontario at no cost.
i'll just require a ride in the car
I am hoping someone here buys it because this is about as nice an M3 as you are going to find, and i'd love to see it come to Canada.
I've owned the same car but in Dakar yellow (sold to someone on this board) and it is an amazing driving machine
he is asking 3.8m yen which right now is about 44.5 Canadian
Shipping to the port in Vancouver is around 2grand or so.
Lots of pics and info here