MiataRoadster shifter kits on sale 10% off thru March

about 2 years ago
MiataRoadster shifter kits on sale 10% off thru March
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MiataRoadster shifter kits for NA/NB 5-speed, NB1 & NB2 6-speed, and NC 5-speed are on sale for 10% off through the month of March.
Order yours now from MiataRoadster.
Shifts are very smooth (almost too smooth, haha, Im used to putting some force into it). NVH seems lower with the new insulation pieces.
- Kyle M.
After the installation, I drove around a little bit, everything feels great. I want to thank you for all your help.
- Phuon S.
The kit is well made and quite nice. Thanks!
- John B.
All I can say is wow!! This is the best mod you can do, bar none, if you have a 6 speed MX-5. The improvement is absolutely amazing
so, so impressed. Such a positive, crisp shift now. Extremely well-engineered.
- Rod E.
I usually dont care for the way short shifters feel. They always feel vague and somewhat disconnected. Whatever you did is brilliant, its so direct. Im just looking for opportunities just to change gears now. Excellently done, Sir!
- Erich W.
This kit is plain AWESOME! One of the best mods Ive done.
- Todd C.
Ive had one of Bills kits on every single Miata Ive owned and I just bought ANOTHER one for my 6-speed car. Bills kits are complete, well thought out, and hands-down the best kit on the market that Ive found. Bill is a damn good seller too, so I cant recommend these enough. Hes great to work with and this shifter kit is on another level!
- Justin G.
Installed the 6-speed short throw shift kit in my Mazdaspeed. One of the best upgrades I have made to the car.
Easy install, great instructions, kit included EVERYTHING I needed.
- Peter F.
This shifter is a work of art, my friend!
- Brian G.
I had one of your fantastic short shifters in my Mazdaspeed Miata, then I purchased a 1999 5 speed. The 5-speed feels like shifting a truck compared to the throw on your short shifter.
- Andrew H.
I know what a Ferrari feels like after taking the Miata out last night with your short shifter. Its amazing. I like the vibration, the crispness, the metallic sound, the heat, and of course the short shift.
- Jean L.
I can vouch for the quality of this product! Recently got one and anyone who drives my car cant believe how good the shifter feels. I have a friend with a Porsche 964 and CAE short shifter and although its not 100% the same feeling, its really close. It made the transmission feel brand new again. Bills product is a great bang for the buck!
- Gil R.
Just came back from a run to test the shifter. It was all Id heard claimed
like new only better. The only thing I was worried about was possible extra effort required because of the change in the leverage, but if there was, I didnt notice it.
- Jack N.
I first heard about the MiataRoadster short shift kit after doing a bit of research online. I dont buy anything without seeing some good reviews and my goodness, your shifter kit has rave reviews absolutely everywhere!
- Sam S.
LOVING it!!!!
What a transformation!
- Pete R.
This shifter is simply amazing. That is an understatement, but I cant find the word to describe it. Installation was fairly simple and the shifter is well made. Everything is included in the kit. If you havent felt this shifter yet, you need to find someone who has used it. I highly recommend this kit.
- Anthony S.
Shifting the fulcrum means that a little more force is required to shift gears, but I actually like it better that way. I love the shorter throw
its definitely notched up the fun factor. The parts are beautifully made and assembly was a piece of cake
well done!
- Paul M.
We have one in our personal Mazdaspeed and this is will be the fourth one weve installed for a customer. Excellent product!
- Bob B.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit!! And you guys know Im OCD about perfection. This kit IS perfection!!
- Randy G.
Wow! What a difference. The shifts are almost too short and precise. Totally impressed. My Miata went from not sure what gear Im shifting into, to a precision instrument. On top of everything else, the darn thing is too pretty to hide under a shift boot.
Its an outstanding addition to my 6-speed!
- Jeff E.
Your short shifter is my favorite one on the market. I have recommended it to many and installed a few as well. Its a great product that works well.
- Ken H.
Just got time to fit my MX-5 6-speed shifter kit. Brilliant! Easy fit, well made, clear instructions, all good. It makes my NB8Cs 6-speed better than my NA8s 5 speed!
- John F.
I received the shifter kit and installed it today and am very happy with it! The throw is very short compared to stock and I like it like that. Now it is fun to go through the gears when accelerating! Also with the stock shifter, if you have something plugged in the lighter, you scratch your hand on the connector going in 5th gear, but not anymore with the new shifter. It is not cheap, but the quality of your product is flawless.
- Max G.
Thank you for putting together such a well-engineered precision shift kit. This had to be a difficult task to improve something that didnt leave much room to make any improvements. But then driving today I was really shocked you certainly did
and did by far. Everything about it all the way up 5 and down to 1 is just perfect and accurate with every throw. This shifter is worth every penny. Thank you and I will certainly speak highly of your product. Happy to have made my purchase.
- Sharon M.

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