(IL) 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STi - OBP - 115k Miles $14,400

about 2 years ago
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Chicago, Illinois

Pretty straight forward, I have a 2007 STi with 115k miles that I daily drive. Im looking to replace it with a new car so I can focus my mechanical weekend efforts on my race car and not keep worrying about my DD. A 10 year old STi just isnt very practical for me anymore. It drives well, pulls very strong, shifts smooth, turns well, as you would expect from an STi. Since Ive owned the car (two years), Ive replaced the timing belt (Gates), installed a new water pump and radiator, changed the oil a few times, and replaced the battery. It is currently sitting on Blizzak WS80 tires that I purchased last fall. You would probably want to source your own all-seasons or summer tires. These carry the Tire Rack protection warranty.
Ive also installed two Hella horns and a Sony XAV-AX100 Android Auto/ApplePlay head unit. Im 30 years old so it mainly blasts podcasts on my boring commute. The previous owner upgraded the pads/rotors, got a protune, installed some exhaust (still stock muffler), and other things linked below.
That said, it is not a garage queen and has been used. This is reflected in the following negatives, which are already reflected in the price, dont expect to show up and haggle over these points. I am always 100% honest with the negatives on my cars so you can make an educated decision, show up with a check, and know what you are going to see when you get there. Most other people will just hope you dont notice issues; rush you through a test drive, and hold out their hands silently for your money. I would rather get the negatives out of the way first.
Nothing wrong. No leaks. No oil consumption requiring additional oil between changes. The boost kicks in low and builds smoothly. The engine doesnt bog down, misfire, or smoke. It is a strong performer. Cooling system is all refreshed after the radiator sprung a common leak in these cars, The car did not experience overheating due to this, btw. I think the strength of this engine is important to state before I get into nitty-gritty picky details about headlight hues.
Door Dings
2 on Driver Door (one of which is where I opened the door into a wall oops), 1 on Passenger Rear Door. They can be fixed with some no-paint correction, but youll notice them on your first walk-around.
Lets be honest Subaru paint sucks. There is a semi-deep scratch on the passenger fender and assorted rock chips throughout the car. It was most recently waxed last year and the below picture reflects how clean the paint can be, but you will need to claybar/polish/wax if you want to see its beautiful OBP glory.
Lenses are looking a bit faded and crackly these days, and one headlight is a slightly different hue. I think it adds character and I often refer to the car as lefteye, but you probably disagree. I have an extra HID bulb, just havent cared enough recently to swap it because both bulbs work.
Could use some attention in the bushings and shocks department. It drives well, handles well, and performs well, but at low speeds there is some noticeable chatter. This car would be PERFECT for someone looking to redo the bushings and install coilovers.
Lets be honest about this as well, youre not buying a sub-$15k ten year old Subaru for its luxury interior. Some scratches are present on the center console, an overzealous detailer made some lines in the alacantra door cards that are a bit annoying, but in general the seats are all free of any damage. Carpet is a bit ugly under the heel of the drivers side but nothing a $50 set of floor mats wont cover.
E-brake is a bit weak, needs to be tightened.
Impreza Cancer near the fuel door
Small rust bubbles forming inside the gas refill compartment, a very common issue with these cars because two panels meet right where gas drips. Ive gotten a quote from JBA for ~$200 to fix. Not visible unless you open the fuel door.
Here is a link to the Previous Owners Ad: https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/sho....php?t=2749192
What he did to the car
-Brakes and rotors done 8/14
(DBA-4654S-10 DBA "4000 Series" Front Rotors (Slotted, Pair), '04-'15 STi 1 $356.74 $356.74
DBA-4655S-10 DBA "4000 Series" Rear Rotors (Slotted, Pair), '04-'07 STi 1 $309.98 $309.98)
-Stainless brake lines
-Kartboy front sway bar endlinks
-SPT intake
-Invidia catless DP with reducer to stock cbe
-SPT heatshield
-Protune by TurboTek (http://www.turbotektuning.com/) via tactrix
Well anyways, if you read the entire post above and still think this may be the car for you, it probably is. If you looked through all the above negatives and think hey, thats not that big of a deal and I can fix it with some minimal effort, youre right. Come check it out, dont expect any surprises, and set up financing/cash because this is going to be a first-come first-serve type sale. No bull****, just a legit car that would love an owner with a bit more time to keep her minty fresh. Price is $14,400 Firm
Note: 05/23/17 The stock 07 taillights are included, but 04/05 taillights are on there now. I got those taillights as a gift so I'd prefer to keep them or sell them in conjunction with the car for extra.
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