New Early Mustang Exhaust System Featuring Dr. Gas Crossover

about 3 years ago
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I am posting exhaust components purchased for an early model Mustang (1966 Coupe), I was going to use this on a 1966 Ford Mustang V8 with Headers. Should work on most Small block V8 early model Mustangs (and other years as well). Add your favorite mufflers and you will pretty much have a new high performance exhaust system.
As shown in the photos, this includes:
Dr. Gas Exhaust Crossover Kit
MAC chrome tailpipes
Header Collectors
1965-1973 Mustang 3" x 3" Dr. Gas Exhaust Crossover Kit (Currently, cost noted as $269.95)
3" inlets, 3" outlets. 5-piece kit. This mandrel bent, 5 piece kit is a cut and weld to fit.
"Dyno testing of the Dr. Gas Crossover shows a 1% to 5% gain in both torque and horsepower at all engine speeds over open headers"
MAC chrome tailpipes are high quality 2 1/2 in. pipes, and mandrel bent to eliminate the kinks in the bend area. (Current cost noted as $159.99/pair)
Summit Header Collectors (3" x 3") (Current cost noted as: $19.97)
So, I am posting this Exhaust system which is worth about $449.91 ($269.95+$139.99+$19.97=$449.91) with a substantial discount (about $150 off). So, this is a good deal
Let me know if you need any other Mustang parts!