BBS centercap sets - from mint to beater!!

about 3 years ago
BBS centercap sets - from mint to beater!!
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Time to clear out some excess inventory - I've got three full sets for you to choose from.
They're a perfect fit for OEM Mazda BBS, whether you've got 14" wheels from a 92B&T/93LE or 15" from a 95M.
They're all on ebay right now, but I'd rather sell here, so the deal for all M.netters is that I'll sell here for my opening bid price, not the BIN, and throw in free shipping if you'll Paypal via "friends and family" to save me that fee.
Please don't wait. As of right now, I have no bids on any of the three sets. But as soon as I get an opening bid there, then that particular set will no longer be available here.
Since these prices are all at the low end of my ebay ask, these prices are firm - thanks.
The sets:
1) Excellent condition, BBS logo - $219 shipped. These are as nice as you'll find without buying new (at $142 each ).
2) Very good condition, BBS logo - $185 shipped. There are extremely minor blemishes in all four logo pucks on this set - small enough that you'll never see them standing beside the car.
3) Beater condition, Mazda logo - $49 shipped. This set is about as rough as they get, and priced accordingly. But nicks are all cosmetic - the caps still fit perfectly.
Happy holiday shopping!