Mazda Competition Engine/Differential Mount Combo

8 months ago
Mazda Competition Engine/Differential Mount Combo
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Having issues getting third gear when pushing your Miata hard? Experiencing excessive wheel hop leaving the start at autocross? It might be worn out engine mounts or differential mounts!
We also have seen folks having issues getting their new exhaust to line up during installation and it usually turns out that one motor mounts is failing! This causes their motor to drop to one side, taking entire exhaust system along with it.
These mounts are genuine Mazda Motorsports 75 durometer rubber engine and differential mounts which are 40% stiffer than stock 55 durometer mounts. The result is much cleaner shifts, reduced wheel hop and bushings that last longer. These are a perfect match for a dual purpose car that you do not want increased noise, vibration and harshness from polyurethane mounts.
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