CA: 08 Forester XT Sport 4AET Garnet Red

6 months ago
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Southern California - Los Angeles Valley

2008 Forester XT Sport 4EAT Garnet Red
Location: Southern California - Los Angeles Valley
Mileage: 123,XXX
$7,000 OBO
Garnet Red Paint
2.5 Liter Turbo
17-inch STI Wheels
Panoramic Moonroof
Rear Spoiler
All-Weather Floor mats
Auto Dimming Homelink Rearview Mirror
New Brakes Pads
New Rotors
New Engine Air Filter
New Radiator & Hoses (changed at 122,600)
New OEM Spark Plugs (changed at 122,700)
COBB Stage 2:*COBB Catback, COBB Catted Downpipe, Cobb Accessport v03 with custom E-Tune & Map
Perrin Silver Heat shield
Rear Tinted Windows 15%
STI Steering Wheel
-Car is currently displaying a CEL code: P0301 - Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected. I took the Forester to my local Independent Subaru mechanic, ran a compression test and found Cylinder #1 potentially has a bad/burnt valve. Car currently runs but idles rough and very low power in 1st gear and in overdrive.
-Front driver side end-link broke a few months back and needs replacement
-Rear Lateral Link bushings occasionally squeak and may need greasing or a replacement.
-Panoramic Moonroof is cracked. I have a replacement glass that I'll include with the sale.
-Though the paint is in fairly good condition, the car shows its age with chips, scrapes, dents and normal wear and tear but no major damage.
Notes and Disclosure: I purchased this beauty last August and have taken great care of it since then. This past April, I noticed the car would idle rough in the morning during a cold start but with taper off after it was warmed up. The rough idling later turned into rough engine vibration in 1st gear at around 1,400 rpm but would go away above that rpm. I took my car into the shop to have the spark plugs check and replaced. The rough idling and engine vibration went away for a week and returned soon after along with CEL code: P0301. Took the car back to my mechanic where he ran a compression test and found low compression in cylinder #1. My mechanic said this could be due to a burnt valve or a bad valve guide. However the case, the engine will need the cylinder heads to be removed, resurfaced and a valve job. I just don't have the time or the money for such a project and that's why I'm selling my Forester.
Have any further questions? Please don't hesitate to ask. Post questions here or PM me.
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