CA: 2008 White STi * Fully Built * 600whp* FlexFuel * IAG * Headgames * Gen2 GTX3076

8 months ago
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Los Angeles

What matters: 600awhp/560tq on E85, 461awhp/426tq on 91. Pulls like a rape train. Offered today at 32k. Call/txt/ask annoying questions to Noah @ 323 387 nine3nine3 or pm for email infos.
Reason for selling: I want the Godzilla. I barely Drive it. It has ~3800 miles on current build, and maybe Backstory: I bought this car from user blackzpremacy back in November of 2016. I bought it with a cylinder going out knowing I would do a full build on it. The OG motor broke in March of 17. Between Nov and March I had accumulated some parts and so in April I took it to Yimi who installed my new longblock. I bought a new long block, brand new shortblock from IAG, and used heads that went to headgames for machine work. See below for specs. The car came with some oddities like AVCS delete and oil cooler delete. I replaced AVCS with brand new cam gears from Subaru, and had Yimi installed a new CSF radiator/oil cooler combo. I then wanted to go flex fuel for the extra boosts and installed a cobb flex fuel kit, new injectors, and a new fuel pump. I then upgraded to a gen2 GTX3076 turbo so that I could hit my HP mark. The system runs well together. Interior is pretty clean. Seats have minimal wear. My only real remark is that the drivers side door handle has some marring from previous owners watch scratching it. Body is real clean, one very minor defect on roof from previous owner.
One note: When yimi did the install/tune, it had a brand new ACT 6 puck clutch that was messed up from factory. It chattered real bad. So after only 800 miles I replaced it with an OS Giken twin Disk.
More info: Motor was broken in for 500 miles on a base tune on pump gas. It was then fully tuned for 91 and e85, then flexed. Of the 3800ish miles on it, about 2800 have been e85 miles. The car was broken in on Joe Gibbs XP8 oil, then at 100 miles was changed to motul. I followed, very strictly, IAG break in guidelines.
Whats inside is what really counts:
Woke Up Like This: (From today, 2/12/18) (no front lip)
Build Specs (Some of this recycled from previous forsale ad)
-IAG Stage 3 Tuff EJ25 ( Fully Upgraded
-Closed Deck
-Manley Turbo Tuff Rods/Pistons
-Extreme .210" Wrist Pins
-625+ ARP Rod Bolts
-1/2" Head Studs
-Costworth Head Gaskets
-11mm Oil Pump
Had a set of W25 heads Sent to Headgames ( and had the following done:
-Pocket Port, Bronze Guides, Valve Job
-machined for " head stud
-Ferrea F6077 36mm Intake Valves
-Ferrea F6075 32mm Exhaust Valves
-Single beehive spring kit with Headgames custom Titanium retainer and Manley Locks
-New Buckets, set to lash
Then installed:
-Brand new GSC s2 cams
-Brand new DAVCS Cam Gears (all 4)
-Gates Timing belt kit
-Killer B Pickup, baffle, pan
External Engine
-MAPerformance ported intake manifold
-MAPerformance TGV deletes
-Air Pump Delete
-Torque Solution Motor Mounts
-Torque Solution Pitchstop Mount
-ATI Super damper (917991)
-CSF Radiator / Oil Cooler Combo
Power Generator
-ETS Rotated GTX3076R GEN 2 Turbo Kit w/ Tial SS V-band In-Out Housing
-Car came with a gen1 but I put a gen2 on when the IAG shortblock went in
-ETS FMIC Kit Setup w/ 4" Speed Density Intake and 3.5 Core
-K&N intake filter
-Perrin EL Header
-Tial MV-R Wastegate
-Tial Q 50mm BOV
-Radium AOS / Catch Can (
- Cobb cat-back exhaust
-Yimi Sport tune, full flex fuel
-Cobb AP V3
-Grimmspeed Boost Control Solenoid
-Omnipower 4bar MAP Sensor
-FAST Motorsports IAT
-Speed Density
-Full Flex Fuel using Cobb's Flex Fuel Kit
-Injector Dynamic 1700x cc injectors
-Boomba Fuel Rails
-Fuelab Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Fuelab 40Micron Fuel Filter With Built-in Check Valve (Under Car)
-Fuelab 40Micron Fuel Filter (In engine bay)
-Mocal AHL -6an Nomex Hose and AN Fittings From Tank to Rail
-DBA 4000 Series Front Drilled & Slotted Rotor
-Stoptech High Carbon Rear Rotors
-Hawk High Performance Street 5.0 pads (
-Motul RBF660 Fluid
-Stock Brembo Calipers with low tension piston springs (to prevent knockback)
-APR Carbon Fiber Brake Ducts
-Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace
-XXR 527's 18x8.75 +35
-Hub centric rings
-Michelin PSS 255-35-R18
-Vorshlag Extended Studs
-Gorilla open ended tuner lugs
-ISC Coilovers and Camber Plates w/ Thrust Bearings
-Penske Rebuild and Valved
-Swift Coilover Springs (10k/F, 9k/R)
-Whiteline Endlinks (Front)
-Kartboy Endlinks (Rear)
-Whiteline Subframe Bushings
-Whiteline Diff Bushings
-Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
-Whiteline Race Rear Sway
-Whiteline Rear Swaybar Supports
-Whiteline Rear Swaybar Mounts
-Whiteline Front Sway
-OS Giken HTR Twin Disc from Japan
-Torque Solution Driveshaft Carrier Bushings
-Torque Solution Shifter Bushings
-Torque Solution Delrin Shift Knob
-WC Lathe werks Aluminum STi Reverse Ring
-Torque Solution Short Throw Shifter
-Torque Solution Delrin Pivot Bushings
-LED interior and license plate lights
-True OEM STi floor mats from Canada
-Red taillight overlays
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