NC EFR Turbo Systems - Huge Black Friday Savings Special!

3 months ago
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Many of you have had your eyes on this system since our release a couple of years back. Since then we've shipped over 30 of them (mostly to Joe at Dynotronics for 2.5L swaps and installation).
Results? We've Dynotronics pump out 370whp from an absolutely stock 2.5L engine. Our shop NC saw 418whp on a built bottom end 2.5L. The stock 2.0L engines are commonly safe below 300whp. Uncap that bottle neck with forged internals and the sky is the limit.
How does this sale work?
1. Click HERE Configure your kit, add it to the cart.
2. Apply the promo code: BFTURBO for the Black Friday savings.
3. If you have custom powder coating requests, we will coat the charge pipes at NO additional fee. You just send us the powder from Prismatic and we will handle it.
We've reduced the base cost of the kit AND you can compound the savings with the promo code. This results in a savings of $959 savings over the MSRP. This is the LOWEST we've ever sold this system for so I'm expecting this to wipe out our current inventory.
Notice: We understand that this kit is a rather large transaction, near the holidays. If you'd like to reserve your system at this price, please reach out to me. It's a busy season for us as well but I will try to get back to you with information about a deposit and a rough lead time.
Happy Holidays from Fab9Tuning