2003 Shinsen Edition /w Hardtop - Well Kept Daily.

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2003 Shinsen Edition /w Hardtop - Well Kept Daily.
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Owned by a Lehigh Valley Miata Owners Club member prior to my ownership. This one has driven better and has been better maintained than the over 100 Miatas I've test driven and inspected as well as the 15 I've owned. This one has been my trusty daily driver, but I need to downsize on cars. Maintenance and drive ability enhancements have been the sole focus for this car. Clean autocheck with no accidents.
VIN: JM1NB353630305432
Mileage: 188313
Asking Price: 4500
Maintenance items with receipts:
Oil Changes every 5k
Air filters every 10k
Spark plugs and wires at 100k and 160k
Coil packs replaced at 160k
Clutch Replaced at 130k
Shifter Rebuilt at 130k
Rear calipers replaced at 130k
Timing Belt and Water Pump done with Radiator and hoses at 155k
Radiator and ALL coolant hoses (including the devil hoses) replaced with OEM hoses at 155k
Camshaft position sensor and fuel relay replaced at 160k
All Bulbs replaced at 150k.
Headlight bulbs swapped with Vosla 9011 and 9012 HIR bulbs (OEM GM bulbs) for better output, without going to HID.
9005 bulb: avg 1860 lumens -> 9011 bulb: avg 2500 lumens (~34% increase in light output)
9006 bulb: avg 1095 lumens -> 9012 bulb: avg 1875 lumens (~70% increase in light output)
Maintenance items by inspection and statements from previous owner.
Doors and trunk have added dynamat to reduce NVH.
Transmission tunnel DEI heat shielding put into place to reduce heat into the cabin
Shocks and shock bushings replaced
Exhaust from a low mileage miata swapped on (old one was rusted out)
Extra Details:
Does have typical rocker rust on both sides. Driver side is significantly worse than the passenger side.
Matching Hardtop
with defrost and headliner with excellent condition Shinsen blue cloth top underneath + matching blue tonneau cover (often missing or lost)
FM SS brake lines at all 4 corners.
15 x 7 Konig Dial Ins (wanted lighter weight wheels).
Mitsubishi Eclipse vents
Stock 16" wheels will be included.
2 Sets of keys
Original owners manual
I would prefer to keep the hardtop with the car, but since some people will ask the question....Hardtop is available for 1500 separately, non negotiable. (I really don't want to separate the hardtop and car for prospective buyers.)
See imgur album for all pictures.
2003 Shinsen