Selling M3 E46 2006 Coupe

about 1 year ago
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I'm Owner of this Amazing car! Bought it in 2016 with 77k mileage on it, car bought for feelings and emotions! In this almost 2 year of experience, I can tell this of the best BMW M cars of all time! Inline 6 Cylinder S54 Engine with 333HP Rear Wheel Drive. Unfortunately, I have to sell this monster, Reason is: I graduated this semester, My graduation ceremony will be on May, 2018 and after I'm leaving this country. Never had any issues with this car, I always checked Engine, Transmission, All fluids and other technical stuff on this car, to make sure all in great condition, Trust me you won't find cleaner M3 E46! This car is 2006 model year comes with Amazing SMG Transmission. I didn't do track on this car (not experienced), Also in this car everything is in Stock!!! Expect of Exhaust which is Supersprint Race Muffler and SuperSprint middle X pipe with No resonator on it. Sound? All people who nearby 1-2 mile away from you, can hear your S54 engine!!! Best exhaust ever and also Lightweight!!!! This car only for enthusiast and BMW lover! E46 M3 become classic car! Please text or call me who interested on this car,
What I did on this car since bought it?
- Only maintains was made!
- Oil Change every 3000-4000 miles Of course with Castrol Edge special for M cars, I'm not idiot to use regular 30$ oil for this beast!
- On 80k mileage I re-sealed rear Differential it was leaking not too much, but this car needs high attention!
- On 80k mileage changed Engine Gasket, Transmission fluid, Brake fluid, cleaned braking system, Changed CPV. (OEM parts used Only)
- On 83k mileage I put 4 NEW tires, didn't like Hankook Evo on the road, my choice was Michelin PSS which is best for this Car!
- On 84k mileage Changed 4 mat floors (OEM with M3 logo)
- On 85k mileage I changed Exhaust and middle pipe! From OEM to Superspint Race Muffler (best exhaust ever!) and Supersprint middle pipe with NO resonator! Sounds Amazing you won't disappointed!! (Also have OEM in garage if you want it)
- On 88k mileage I changed AC Belt, Water pump Belt, 1 Tensioner roller, Idler pulley, Spark Plugs, Fuel Filter, Rear Ashtray (Interior) (OEM parts used Only)
What else you need to know? NO Accident NEVER! Of course Clean Title! This is all my history Since I bought this car, Car was kept in Garage all the Time.
My price is 17,000$ (Without Supersprint). If you need SS Exhaust + 1500$. Thanks for watching and have a great day!