2001 silver Miata partout Seattle area

7 months ago
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I am parting out a silver 2001 automatic Miata with a black interior and 130k miles on it. Front end collision and the body work will cost to much to get it drivable again. All prices OBO unless noted otherwise and do not include shipping. I will be adding pictures as I continue disassembly.
The following parts have been damaged or are not avaliable: Dash (complete), steering wheel, airbags, driver door shell, front bumper, seats, soft top
VVT engine (complete long block) - great compression -$800
Window $40 passenger only
Power window tracks cable and motor $30 each
Sill plates $10 each side
Floor mats $30
Interior carpet $50 for main floor carpet
Sunvisors $10 each
AC condenser $40
AC compressor $40
PS pump $40
Alternator tensioner $15
ECU with ignition, keys, door locks, trunk lock and immobilizer module $150
Driveshaft $70
Open 4.1 diff with carrier $150
PPF $30
Muffler for $20
MAF $20
Exhaust manifold/heat shield/egr tube $150
Washer bottle $15
Cruise actuator $20
Cruise computer $25
Gas tank $50
Gas pump and sender $30
Fuel filler tubes $20
Fuel pump access panel $15
Hood cable $10
Hood latch $10
Front sway bar $30
Rear sway bar $20
Sway bar end links $10 each axle
Front spindles $30 each
Driver Rear hubs $50 each
Calipers and brackets $100 (surface rusty)
Parking brake cable $10
Steering rack $60
Steering column $40
Instrument cluster $60
Wind Blocker $40
Pedals $40
Column switch with cruise $40
Interior plastic panels $30
Windshield surround plastic panels and interior light $30
Heater blower $40
Radio antenna retractable $40
Shocks/springs/tophats $120
Tail lights $120