Clutch and Flywheel for high power NC MX-5

about 1 year ago
Blue Meany
Available on
The third coast, Western MI

$275 for clutch
$210 for flywheel
buy both for $470 and save more
see attached receipt for exact models of each
I've had 5 or 6 clutch setups on my turbo'd NC. This is the only one that could hold the power while being well mannered on the street.
Pedal effort is well within "wife specs'. Engagement has reasonable resolution. Traffic jam frustration is minimal.
As can been seen on the attached receipt these are only a season old, and not terribly used at that. I had absolutely no slippage at 16psi with this setup. Selling because I'm doing a motor swap. Great clutch if your car has boost. Many years left on this unit