FT/T Edirb 023 seat (Bride Stradia II) - Black w/red stiching

almost 2 years ago
FT/T Edirb 023 seat (Bride Stradia II) - Black w/red stiching
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For sale is a nearly new Edirb 023, this is Bride's luxury version of the Stradia II.
The seat has a 100% carbon fiber shell and aluminum hardware, very lightweight at about 30lbs.
The tilt mechanism is one of the best I've used, good enough I'm mentioning it.
The cover is protein leather (think nice synthetic) with fabric accents and cushions, stitching is red (of course!).
Please note these seats are very narrow, I am selling this seat because I find a bit too narrow for daily driving and it has very aggressive bolstering which holds you in well but is a bit more than I'd like.
Would make an excellent dual use seat as it is entirely streetable and offers enough grip for trackwork.
Expect to lose 1-2 clicks rearwards due to the design of the seat.
The seat will sit ~.75" lower than stock when using Bride RO rails.
Seat new is $2,200 plus a 3-4+ month wait from Japan so get one without the wait and with a nice discount.
I have a second set of cushions in Bride's gradient pattern that I will throw in gratis, they were $90ea when I bought them.
Let's you change up the styling or if something should happen to a cushion you have a ready replacement.
I would also trade, straight up, for a Recaro SR-7F Lassic which can be had for a bit less than my asking price making a potentially killer deal for someone.
Stock photo which shows the back:
Dimensions (easily fits the Miata, Bride actually uses an ND as the Edirb demo car):

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