GA - '03 GPW w/ 99k - Rebuilt in 2008 @ 40k Miles

GA - '03 GPW w/ 99k - Rebuilt in 2008 @ 40k Miles
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Augusta, GA
2003 S2000
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99k miles
Rebuilt Title ('08)
15k with the hardtop and wheels.
14k with the hardtop.
11k for just the car.
I will sell the hardtop separately for $3200 with hardware.
It has been repainted to GPW.
One doesn't notice from 5 feet but can tell up close if you know where to look.
I will sell the BBS wheels separately for $1800 with tires.
They are in great shape but not mint.
The tires are lame.
I'm willing to ship.
First owner had it until 20k.
Second owner had it until 40k.
He totaled it in the middle of winter and it was purchased by a rebuilder, repaired, driven for the spring/summer, and sold at 45k to the third owner, who drove it until 90k.
Fourth owner bought it and only put 10k on it before getting engaged and buying a house.
Nice, honest guy who was up front about everything.
The front end looks like it must have gone into a ditch and the front driver's fender most likely was pushed back into the driver's door.
I went over the damage and repair with a guy who inspects rebuilt cars (in order to do the title work) and he agreed that the damage was not bad.
The hood is original.
The passenger and driver front fenders look original (one has a VIN and the other is repaired where the VIN was).
The bumper is not and the door has been completely replaced (no VIN on either).
The paintwork is excellent and matches everywhere.
It is glossy and nice.
There is some surface rust in a common spot on the driver's rocker.
The rear has never been damaged.
It does not make any irregular noises aside from a sad TCT which will be replaced with the Billman variety shortly.
The clutch has been replaced.
There is a K&N Typhoon intake installed.
The 60k service was done on time.
The softtop is like new and in excellent shape.
The hardtop is a yellow top that has been repainted to the factory GPW paint code and is in excellent shape, inside and out.
There are no significant dents or dings anywhere.
The interior is in great shape for the age and mileage.
The carpet looks fantastic, as do the floor mats.
The seats are in good condition with just typical wear on the driver's seat, nothing irregular.
The entire car has clearly been well cared for.
Please email me with questions.
I'll get the SLR and get some photos together this weekend.
I know your typical salvage goes for 9-10k but this is an '03 GPW and few rebuilds are this nice.
The few I have seen have always sold between 9k and 11k and have not necessarily been 02-03 models.
I will be going over the entire thing over the next couple of weeks to get it ready for spring, so if you want anything done (compression check, etc.) let me know.
I will update this thread as well.
I don't really see anyone purchasing until the spring, but I decided to throw it up for the early birds given the nice weather we've been having down here.
Please note that the only place I can find the gaps not lining up is between the front fender and bumper.
That's why the photo is from this angle.