Inline Tube 96 brake lines (new)

about 2 months ago
Available on
Long Island, NY

Selling a partial set of Inline Tube stainless steel front brake lines. The four lines included would be the following:
Passenger front to ABS
Driver front to ABS
both proportioning valve to ABS lines (lines with the coil bent in)
Only thing you'd be missing as far as the front end goes is the two tiny lines that run from the master to the proportioning valve.
Only thing I will say is I belt the passenger side line out of shape a little to see if I could make work around my LS engine a little better. I only made some very slight changes but you'll have to work with it just a little to get it back to shape for a factory car.
Selling these because between I needed to route them a bit differently for my ABS delete and they just weren't worth working with since stainless is a PITA to flare with my tool and not the easiest to bend in different directions once already formed. Making my own NICOPP lines for the front and end just using the inline tube rears.
If they don't sell fairly soon I'll probably hack em up to harvest the flare nuts instead of ordering new ones LOL