MiataSpeed NC Track Day Brake Kit

6 months ago
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Santa Clara, CA

MiataSpeed is excited to announce our new Wilwood Track-Day Brake System for the NC Miata.
Building on our success of our previous systems, we designed this brake kit with the intention of bringing race designed engineering to the enthusiast market.
Our Package Includes:
Wilwood Forged Superlight Calipers
Dual sided 6061 Billet Caliper Mounting Brackets
RX8 Stock rotors or ability to upgrade to SBG 325x32mm Solid Mount Premium Brake Rotors
DOT Approved Stainless Steel Brake Lines with dirt/abrasion sleeves
Full Pictorial Installation Guide
Wilwood Forged Superlight Calipers:
Ultra-Lightweight Forged Aluminum Construction
Durable Hard Anodized Finish
Stainless Steel 4 Piston Design
20mm Thick Brake Pad for Caliper Heat Transfer
Thick Pads Provide Extremely Long Life and Reduce Frequency of Replacement
Available in Hard Anodized Black
Utilizing a 20mm brake pad, with 50mm pad annulus, many other big brake kits use a 12-17mm pad by comparison, not only add an additional thermal barrier between the rotor and caliper, offer significantly increased pad replacement intervals. The Super Lite caliper uses a common pad shape, replacing pads will also be significantly cheaper and easier to source.
Sake Bomb Garage Premium Brake Rotors:
Competition Inspired 325mm x 32mm Rotor Design
High-Performance, Light-Weight Solid Mount Rotors
Rotors feature 32 Curved Directional Vanes, with 15mm Air Gap
Proprietary High Temperature Alloy
Slot Pattern engineered to increase pad bite
SBG Designed 2024 T351 Hard Anodized Aluminum Rotor Hats
SBG Premium Brake Rotors have been designed with the intention to provide the highest possible performance in comparison to cost. Utilizing a massive 325mm x 25mm or 12.88'' x 1.25'' curved vane disc we have designed a light-competition brake system, with high-end track and street components, resulting in a system which provides incredible performance for cost. Our design utilizes race-inspired directional veins, which drastically increases air flow compared to the stock straight vein rotor. Directional vanes act as an air pump to pull cold air from the center of the rotor and expel brake heat at the rotors edge. Directional curved vanes expel heat outwards and will run cooler than a straight vane design given the same rotor mass.
The kit includes a massive 32mm or 1.25 disc, and more mass a rotor has the more resistant it will be to brake fade. It will allow the rotor to act as a larger heat sink, therefore, rotor mass is not the place you want to cut weight. Our proprietary slotted design improves initial brake bite, and prevents excessive brake dust build up, keeping brake components clean along with improving mechanical engagement.
This is the perfect package for customers looking for the maximum bang for their buck when it comes to brake performance. From stock cars to high horsepower builds, this brake setup is a fantastic match with outstanding braking performance that will not break the bank.
*Note: 17 or larger wheels are required to accommodate this brake kit.
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