Nardi Wood Wheels from the 00SE and 01SE

over 1 year ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Every once in a while I pick up the full Nardi package rather than just the shift knob. As a result, I've recently landed one of each of the NB Special Edition wheels.
Unfortunately, the lighter (01SE) wheel got damaged in transit right at the 9 o'clock spot. I removed the cracked enamel completely, then refinished it, but there's no way to get it factory perfect. Still feels nice to the hand, but you'll notice a slight indentation.
Other than that they're in excellent condition - no splitting along the top as you'll occasionally see. Pictures tell the story. Any NB airbag will drop right in.
Last time I had a pair of these, they sold for $200 each very quickly. I'll take $199 for the darker 00SE wheel, and a big discount to $139 for the repaired 01SE wheel.
If you add one of my Teardrops or one of the bezels I have in the classifieds, I'll throw in free shipping.