OH: 2003 wrx wagon - 140k black

about 1 year ago
OH: 2003 wrx wagon - 140k black
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Columbus, Ohio

2003 WRX wagon
No trades, cash only - $5,500
140,345 miles (9360 miles/year)
Clean title
Second owner, purchased at 87,000 miles
Photos below were taken 11/19/2017.
We planned to keep the car forever so preventive maintenance was performed on schedule and any issues were addressed quickly. There are no check engine lights. Any upgrades with aftermarket parts were installed when the original parts were failing. Typical locations for oil leaks (valve cover gaskets, oil cooler gasket, turbo oil drain line, cam seals, crank seal) have all been addressed with new gaskets/seals in the past few years. The leaking stock radiator has been replaced with an all-aluminum Mishimoto radiator. The common failure of hardened o-rings in the A/C system have been replaced and the refrigerant has been recharged. The entire power steering system has been replaced (rebuilt pump, new pressure and return lines, remanufactured rack, worm-type clamps). The fuel rails and lines that leak in the winter have been replaced. The suspension has been completely refreshed (slightly lowered) and exhibits no rattles, knocks, squeaks, or binding. All fluids have been replaced (rear diff, transmission, coolant, brake, steering). The car carries a mild stage 2 tune on the stock TD04 turbo from Eric at Covert Tuning Dynamics. I recently pulled the turbo to replace the oil drain line and there is minimal if any turbo shaft play. I have a spreadsheet with extensive maintenance records.
Dunlop Wintersport tires (with plenty of tread) are currently installed on 2007 17 Legacy GT wheels. A set of Hankook Ventus are available on 2009 17 WRX wheels. The summer and winter tires/wheels were swapped out in November and April, and were rotated from front to back each season. Lugs were tightened with a torque wrench to 67 lb-ft.
There is typical rust on the quarter panels and one spot on the front driver fender. The drivers seat is torn in a few spots. The engine has the characteristic piston slap when starting, and its more noticeable when its cold. It goes away completely once the engine is up to temperature, so it isnt rod knock or other catastrophic failure. Theres a small star crack in the windshield that happened in 2011, but it has not grown since then. The car has dings and scratches, as would be expected for a 15-year old car.
- Drivers seat seam separated on cushion and bolster
- Rust on rear quarter panels (both sides)
- Rust on front left fender
- Some scratches and dings
- Star crack in windshield
- OEM clutch at 87K
- Timing belt pulleys and tensioners (Gates OEM equivalent) @ 120K
- Oil pump, water pump, cam seals, crank seal, new timing covers @ 120K
- Fuel rail recall
new fuel hose, wormdrive clamps, fuel filter, intake manifold gaskets, PCV valve, Perrin turbo inlet, intake gaskets on intake manifold @132K
- Mishimoto radiator, all radiator hoses, thermostat, PEAK coolant with Subaru conditioner @ 120K
- Air conditioning o-rings, dryer, refrigerant charge @ 130K
- Suspension
KYB Excel G shocks, Group N tophats, Kartboy swaybar end links F/R, Epic Engineering springs (~0.75 lower), Epic Engineering rear 22-mm swaybar, rear Ingalls camber bolts, Turn-In Concepts Scooby921 rear strut spacers (allows use of 2004 rear struts) @ 131K
- New NAPA Max-Drive front C/V axles @ 139K
- Rebuilt power steering pump, ChaseBays high pressure line, OEM return lines, all new o-rings, remanufactured steering rack, MOOG outer tie rods, immediate alignment @ 139K
- Turn-In Concepts shift linkage, Kartboy shift bushing kit (July 2016)
- Replaced front right wheel bearing and hub (OEM) @ 129K
- Fuel filler charcoal box and vent solenoid valve (2011)
- Valve cover gaskets (OEM) with Hondabond, LIC aluminum half-moon plugs, new bolt washer gaskets (Sept 2014)
- Brake pads (Stoptech) and (Centric rotors) @ 131K
- Shell Rotella 5W-40 and Purolator PureONE oil filter changes religiously
- Changed transmission and rear differential oils @ 139K
- Turbo oil drain hose @ 139K
- Primitive Racing
aluminum skid plate
- K&N air filter in stock airbox (Sept 2011)
- NGK Iridium RE92 spark plugs @ 131K
- Front O2 sensor (up-pipe heat shield notched to ease removal without removing O2 sensor) (2011)
- Mild Stage 2 tune by Covert Tuning Dynamics (Sept 2011)
- 2009 17 WRX wheels, Hankook Ventus 215-45-R17 (~10K)
- 2007 17 Legacy GT wheels, Dunlop Wintersport 2015-45-R17 (unknown mileage)
- Exhaust:
o Ceramic coated Perrin up-pipe (Sept 2011)
o STI mid-pipe (used with 60K miles) @ 135K
o Random Technology two-piece downpipe
dual catalytic converters @129K
o All new gaskets (turbo inlet, turbo outlet, donut gasket) @135K
o OEM muffler (original)
- Compression test (02/25/2015) showed good compression
- Battery (Sept 2013)
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