Openflash ESC (electric supercharger) with Procede - LHD/RHD ready

10 months ago
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Due to preparing my NC for sale (due to moving to a ND) I am selling my Openflash ESC - electric supercharger.
More information including dyno can be seen at
This is the full V1.5 kit (V1 with the Airflow Straightenener and the Procede of the V2 kit). The kit is in full working order.
The wiring harness is fully ready to run on the host car, even down to the wired fuse for the dash-mounted voltimeter. The wiring harness has been extended to enable RHD installation, meaning this is one of the few ESC kits that will fit both LHD and RHD without further modification.
The kit has the Procede upgrade which cost me $500. This replaces the mechanical microswitch (which I will include) with a throttle-sensor monitoring upgradeable ECU for the ESC. This is a fully mappable system but I have always left in the default 'Sport' mode as I never felt the need to modify.
I have had issues with connector corrosion as many users and have replaced with new like-for-like connectors to resolve. One female connector is slightly chipped but fully functional - I can solder a replacement if the buy wishes me to for cosmetic reasons before sending. I didn't as it works fine. There is also a small amount of surface rust on the battery tray. If this bothers again I can treat and paint before shipping. I like to be honest about everything.
There is also a K&N airsock for the cone filter to avoid potential hydrolock. There is a series of small tears from fitting on the airsock which will not impact on its purpose but which I have photographed.
Please note I am happy to offer the batteries if the buyer is able to collect or based within the UK but due to battery weight I suspect they will be cost prohibitive to ship internationally. The pictured kit items of the parallel connector for the batteries and the battery terminals for the starter battery will be included if batteries are not.
I am looking for $1400 & P&P
Additional Pictures:
If you have queries or want more photos let me know.