Peep: 1992 SBY w/hardtop. #704 of 1509

about 1 year ago
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Dallas, Texas

Peep and I have had a good run.
Its time for her to go to a new home.
PM me with additional questions.
I am located in Lewisville Texas about 7 miles NNW of the DFW airport.
I will gladly pick up the buyer at the DFW airport.
Love Field (Southwest Airlines) is about 18 miles south and a PITA to drive to.
Please select DFW airport.
Peep is a 1992 Sunburst Yellow Miata with hard top.
She is #704 of 1509 and is 1 of 500 with the OEM and original hard top and LSD.
She currently sits at 110,536 miles.
The original owners manual plus two keys, yellow miata script mats, black boot cover, black full tonneau cover, cup holder insert, ash tray, all documentation, and a full tank of gas will be provided to the buyer at delivery.
If this freaks you out, stop reading now.
This is not the SBY for you.
Owner history:
1. Purchased new in Raleigh NC, Oct 1992, by Jerry.
2. Sold to Brian, in Raleigh NC, 2013 at 102,618 miles.
3. Sold to me in Nov 2015 at 103,744 miles.
Jerry kept the full maintenance history including the original sales documents including the original MSRP window sticker and 21 years of maintenance history; and a small book where he recorded every tank of gas (first was 9.4 gallons at 250 miles for 26.6mpg).
He provided it to Brian who in turn passed them on to me.
Both Brian and I continued to log all maintenance and gas fill-ups.
Full history (Oct 1992 through March 2019) will be provide to the new owner.
OK, this is not as cheap as other 92 miatas with over 100K miles but is very cheap as other quality 1992 SBYs go.
Most recently, two sold on BaT with much less mileage but also sold in the $12,000+ range.
One even included an egg-shaped dent in the windshield pillar which is near impossible to repair (else the owner would have had it repaired before selling it).
(I can add a dent to the windshield pillar and raise the price if youd like.)
I fully understand we all have a feel for value and some will consider this crazy for 100K mileage miata.
Thats your call.
Personally, I think it would be crazy if mileage was the only factor in determining value.
If you consider this an average 100K mileage miata then this is not the miata you are looking for.
It is an SBY and the only reason to buy and spend good money on an SBY is because of the condition of the SBY paint and body.
This SBYs paint is all original and looks exquisite.
There are no dents and dings.
It does have some very tiny stone/bug chips that have been addressed with touch-up paint.
However, the front of this SBY is now fully protected by PPF so the risk of additional stone/bug chips is very low.
Peep had one small dent (dime-sized) door ding that I had addressed by PDR.
Sadly, the PDR specialist pulled a tiny piece of the paint when repairing the ding.
The ding is out, and the area was retouched with touch-up paint.
I tried to take a picture but it is too small to show up in photos.
Condition (pictures provided below as evidence of my description):
1. Near 100% stock (see mods and recent maintenance list below).
Includes original yellow script miata mats that are in good shape for 100K miles.
2. Paint and body are 9.5 out of 10.
3. Interior plastic, seats, carpet are 9.5 of 10.
4. Chassis is 9 of 10.
It is dirty because it gets driven but is corrosion free.
Not Illinois corrosion free that still requires POR-15 treatment and repaint but heart-of-the-desert corrosion free.
5. Current maintenance is 9.5 of 10.
Yes, it is ready to drive anywhere, any time, any distanceassuming you continue to put gas in it.
Otherwise, only about 250-300 miles before the tank runs dry. 😊
6. Recent maintenance (2015-2019):
I documented my care-n-feeding of Peep on at my build thread located here:
The recent maintenance list includes oil&filter, diff oil, trans oil, accessory belts, cam cover gasket, CAS O-ring, cursed water plug, vacuum hoses at the cam cover, radiator, thermostat, radiator hoses, coolant, brake/clutch fluid, shock mounts, shocks, bump stops, shifter rebuild.
The tires (185/60-14) are UniRoyal Tiger Paws and were installed on the original Daisy wheels at 76,592 in 2007. (These were removed by Brian at 103K and stored when he installed a set of 14inch BBS with BFG tires.)
I drove Peep home (about 1000 miles) on the Daisys as Brian did not want to sell the BBS hed installed and then I removed them and stored them after installing 15 inch BBS with BFG tires.
I re-mounted the Daisy wheels in Mar 2019. Peep is currently on the original Daisy wheels with the TigerPaws.
Tread is good and sidewalls show no cracks.
They are balanced and show no hint of 65mph shimmy.
Some of the past maintenance pulled from the extensive documentation:
Mazda 60k service at 59,005 on 5.11.2004. At 66K miles, slave/master, all coolant hoses, plus multiple fluid changes over the decades (date/mileage recorded).
Routine maintenance was continued and documented to the present.
The current battery was installed 3.29.2013 at 93, 967 miles.
7. Clean CARFAX, no accidents, all original body panels, all VIN tags in place, all original paint.
1. SunTeck paint protection film (PPF) full hood, front bumper, front half of fenders, full rear bumper.
2. Jeff Anderson repaired/modified OEM/original stereo-cassette deck.
3. Window tint (35%) on windows (Texas legal).
4. Cup holder replacing the ash tray (also included)
5. Full black (not black/tan) tonneau cover in case.
6. #704 of 1509 plaque if I can find it, else to be mailed to buyer when I eventually find it.
7. Miata stainless steel sill plates (original black plastic included).
1. there is a thread in the middle of the drivers seat cushion standing proud.
It is not a seam thread but a design thread.
2. three to seven rock chips under the PPF.
3. wear on mats expected after 27 years.
4. exhaust heat-shield rattle.
5. stone chip on (original) wind shield.
6. wind shield wiper arms have faded black paint.
7. one non-original Daisy wheel center cap is installed on the left rear wheel.
I purchased it from member Rich Velardo to replace the one I lost.
It is a perfect match for the other three.
8. PDR repair paint flaw mentioned above.
9. soft-top plastic window has scratches but zipper works as expected.