Replacement NA key blanks - just $5-7 each

over 1 year ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

I picked up a set of 5 but only needed 2, so the unused three are up for grabs.
These are the good ILCO keys that are the exact right length, not the longer key with the rounded head that you'll find at most big box hardware stores. I had one of those (pictured at the far left here) - they'll work, but not the smoothest and they always feel like they're about to snap in the ignition or trunk.
Th ILCO is a nice solid key, with a pleasing black plastic end nearly identical to the original OEM key. Side-by-side pics here.
$7 shipped for one, $12 shipped for two, $15 shipped for all three. Last set of these (not mine) that appeared in the classifieds disappeared in a day.