Used Corten Miller Rotrex Supercharger System $4500 OBO

12 days ago
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San Antonio, TX

Freshly swapped out for a turbo setup. I'm now putting up the Corten Miller Rotrex kit I previously had on the car for sale. I'll get better pictures up when I've had a chance to wipe down some of the parts:
It's a great setup for a street or track car. What's included:
Full kit, which includes the air to air in cooler and rotrex cooler shown
NC undertray (we had to drill holes in another one for my turbo setup, so this one came off)
Head unit with approx 6k miles on it
Sealed bottle of fresh Rotrex traction fluid for your install
This setup is the base kit which includes an intake restrictor to limit max HP (approx 270 hp).
The power in this kit is expandable if you pull the restrictor, get an upgraded fuel pump, injectors, tuning, etc.
Plenty of room to grow if you want.
I ran this just fine on using a stock radiator and stock clutch. On some longer drives (recent twisted sisters run) this setup maintained fantastic coolant temps.
First 1-3 gears will be far easier to lose traction in unless you warm your tires up and it has a very "stock" feel in terms of power delivery with no unexpected surges in power.
I can deliver in person to any TX buyers in the Austin, San Antonio, or Houston areas using my wife's truck.
Shipping will take me a while to coordinate (boxing, padding, bagging up stuff, but I may be able to coordinate that the assistance of Joe @ Dynotronics.
Doesn't include tuning.
You'll have to source that yourself, but Joe @ Dynotronics has tuned this setup plenty or go with your favorite tuner.
$4500 OBO
This is THE kit to get if you're a Rotrex fan and a rare setup in the states.
I was going to up the power, but instead just swapped to a 1Goal 2.0 turbo for my target power goal.
Thanks for you interest!
Charge tubes, intercooler, rotrex dedicated oil cooler, head unit (attached to CM bracket)
Belts, oil lines, fittings, etc.
Fresh bottle of Rotrex oil shown on the right for it's next install:
Pics of it installed:

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