1970 Porsche 914-6 Race Car, Le Mans Tribute

almost 2 years ago
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Issaquah, WA

A real 914-6, converted to highly campaigned race car
Developed car, very quick, dyno proven 270+HP at wheels
Low hours on motor, excellent compression and leak down numbers
Livery Package tribute to 1970 Le Mans Porsche 914-6
VIN - 9140432620
2.7L, 6 cylinder, twin plug, no. 6451668
5 speed manual, 901 type
Drivetrain - Mid engine, RWD
Price - $58,000
Our car here started life as a real 1970 Porsche 914-6. After many years of excellent and fast road use, it was decided to take the car down the racing path, and that has been a long path! Many evolutions were undertaken to arrive at this final stage
a very fast car indeed.
The car was stripped to a shell when the original race conversion work was performed. GT flares were grafted on, and an extensive cage was custom built that extends into the front and rear trunk areas. This provides both safety and chassis stiffening for the overall package. There is an onboard fire system with nozzles in the front trunk, engine area, and passenger compartment. An ATL fuel cell resides up front in the factory location.
In addition to the added factory chassis stiffening kit, front suspension is handled via factory torsion bar, with upgraded 23mm sway bar. At the rear, coilovers handle the duties, featuring Bilstein dampening at all four corners.
The engine (no. 6451668) has been through years of development and work to arrive at the final package
a 2.7 liter, twin plug, Weber carbs, with Electromotive ignition. 271 HP at the wheels on the dyno.
Details below:
2.7L displacement
Weber 46 IDA Carburetors
Twin plug (Electromotive, crank fired)
Elgin camshafts
Pauter Rods
Pauter lightened crankshaft, knife edged
Boat tailed engine case
Race headers exit to Phase 9 mufflers
Large external oil cooler at front, feeding factory oil tank in the rear
In preparation for sale, a service and tune-up has been performed. Oil change, new battery, brake bias adjuster replaced, carb tune, new carb to intake gaskets, and a full compression and leak down test. The compression test was as follows
140psi, 150psi, 145psi, 165psi, 160psi, 170psi.
Leak down showed at 6%, 3%, 4%, 2%, 3%, 3%, respectively.
Power from the engine goes through a custom dual plate clutch and lightened flywheel assembly then into a factory 901 transmission. The transmission has been built up with shorter ratios for road course work, and is cooled via an external cooler at the rear of the car.
Proper 15x7 Fuchs with Goodyear/Hoosier Racing slicks provide the traction, and the car comes with a 2nd full set of Cookie Cutter wheels with rain tread tires.
This car is well known in the local racing circles
it was enjoyable to make a few phone calls as this car was inbound and everyone said the same thing
Oh, that car?
That car is real f***ing fast.
Many a big block Ford/GM vintage racer has been upset by this 914-6.
The racing and prep pictures below span many years of reliable, active campaigning, and you will see subtle changes in the livery and graphics. Although recently mechanically serviced, please note that the seat harness, tires, and fire system service should be updated to meet current technical inspection. Car is sold on bill of sale.
All pictures and details can be seen here - 1970 Porsche 914-6 Race Car
Please contact Jason at 206-355-7727 to talk about this Porsche 914-6 Race Car for sale.
Car is located in Issaquah, WA. Open to all inspections.