1978 Porsche 911SC Arrow Blue on Arrow Blue

over 1 year ago
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Hilton Head Island, SC

Many of you have been waiting for this day to come--and unfortunately, time has come time to sell my 1978 Porsche 911 SC. From what I've researched, this is a very rare color combination; arrow blue with arrow blue interior--authenticated by the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.
As many of you have seen the thread, I bought this car a few years ago as a project, and it has patiently waiting its turn to get restored. However, as life changes, so do plans. I have two other 911s that need attention and this one got the vote to go to a new home. This is a running project that has extensive documentation dating back to 1983. I wanted to offer it to Pelicans before I put it up for auction.
So, let's break down the car:
1978 Porsche 911 SC
89,xxx miles
Located in Greentown, Indiana
I'm not sure how to price the car exactly with the rare color combination, and documentation... so let's go with 25k OBO. I'm willing to work with serious buyers to find it a good home.
Overall, the exterior is a 5ish/10. I was going to have it repainted, but the original paint can be saved if someone desired. All I have done so far is hand buff the paint. It seemed to shine up. However, there is surface rust in the door jams, and battery tray. All the glass rubber needs replaced. Chrome around windows is in good shape, but could use some clean up. Sunroof car, and motor works, but tracks are corroded so it won't open. Door cards seem fine, except for the marginal dye job.
Interior overall needs work. It has been dyed black at one point, but the original arrow blue can be seen all over the car, and may be able to be saved. The front seats are in poor condition, but with some effort, I know they can be fixed. The rear cushions are in bad shape, but the rear seat backs are in good shape. Rear parcel is warped, and needs some work. Headliner is white and needs cleaning, but is usable. Steering wheel will benefit from reupholstering, as the stitches are coming apart from the frame. The carpet is in average condition for original. I will get photos posted asap.
Mechanically, the car does need work. However, it is a running car. The fuel system has recently been rebuilt, along with the entire braking system, by Bob Farmer in Indianapolis. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor were installed, along with a starter. There are four broken head studs, so the engine will need to have those replaced. He also rebuilt the pedal cluster. The exhaust is a new Bursch system. Other than that, the car has been bone stock its entire life. New tires as well and original wheels were straight when balanced.
As stated above, I have receipts for the car dating back to 1983, along with original manuals, and original owner card. The car was in great shape until the previous owner took it off the road in 1999 due to a fuel pump/starter issue. He let it sit until I bought it in 2013-14.
Overall, this SC needs work, but it will be a great car for someone looking for a straight forward, 911 SC project. I have got quotes on work, and ran the numbers to see how much it would cost to fix everything. The cost wasn't as high as I expected, but this is a variable number depending on who you prefer to work on it, or if you do the work yourself, also with your direction.
Please note that the new owner will need to haul car away on a trailer. Car will come with all receipts, and some extra parts I have for it. I prefer buyers to come see the car as projects are always hard to describe.
Thanks for your interest and PM me with any questions. Feel free to send me offers, but please, don't low-ball as I do not need to sell. If I don't get a fair price, it will sit in the garage until I can get to it. I will get more photos up asap of engine and interior.