2004 GT3 Speed Yellow

over 2 years ago
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Miami, FL

Testing the waters on my 6-3
it's a 2004 in speed yellow. i am the third owner. currently has 86k miles on it. i do drive it so those miles will slowly creep up.
overall the car is in great condition. it has never been crashed, had any paint work or body work. the clear coat is peeling on the mirrors but otherwise the original paint is in good shape aside from normal little chips and such as you would expect from any 86k mile car.
the interior is also in good shape. minimal wear. most of the wear is on the driver floor mat which can easily be replaced.
this car is 100% virgin stock except for that i installed a cup front spoiler and a pioneer head unit (for bluetooth) and a small amp stashed inside the dash. also replaced the trashed factory speakers. it went from being unusable to actually sounding pretty nice. i do have the original radio and is included with the car. i also had the windows tinted. i bought, from another rennlister, a set of cat byass/mufflers to install on it to give it more sound but never got around to it. the wheels had some scuffs on them so i plasti-dipped them black. i planned on having them powder coated black but wanted to try it out first. and i like the way they look. it can always be peeled off and turned back to silver.
the car was owned by a doctor in new orleans who drove it to work every day. he sold it to the second owner who hardly ever drove it and i bought it from him. to my knowledge it has never been on the track. i planned on maybe taking it one day but i already have a dedicated track car so i just never did.
since i've had it i did an oil change and put new spark plugs. my next project was going to flush the brake fluid. i was also planning on putting new tires on it since the rears are starting to get low.
i don't think the coolant lines have been welded or pinned as this car never saw the track. 8k miles ago the car got 2 new rear struts, a new front main seal and upgraded lsd from brian harris porsche in new orleans. more recently at 83k miles it got a new fuel pump from orbit racing. and as mentioned, at 84800 it got new plugs and oil change with liqui-moly.
i have the coa, window sticker, both keys, books and manuals
all that being said, i am getting a 7-3 and am a little reluctant as to which i'll like better. i want to have both with me to drive them both and then decide which i'll keep. the 6 has the rawness that i love. i'll see how the 7 is. but most likely the 6 will get sold. so i want to gauge interest on my car. i think the price is fair considering there is not a single clean title, no accident, no story 6-3 out there with a price starting with a 5. it will be a few weeks before i'll be ready to actually let go of the car but i wanted to see what kind of response i get.
i live in miami and work in hollywood. inspections are welcomed and encouraged.
feel free to call me with any questions 786-412-1172
the car is a little dirty in the pics, i know. it's been raining every single day here in south florida so i haven't had a chance to wash it