Building SC and Mid Year Engine Harnesses

about 1 year ago
Building SC and Mid Year Engine Harnesses
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Salem, OR

Is your engine harness falling apart, mangled by a PO or hard and crusty?
Or, are you installing a custom fuel delivery system and want to clean up the look of your engine harness?
I am now building early year and SC replacement engine harnesses for custom order. Contact me for other years or harness sections.
*** Now building '84-'86 Carrera Engine Harness (in Black wrap) with all the correct connectors for $425 shipped***
(Picture on page 3)
I can build your Harness in stock configuration or customize it as requested.
Pricing will vary based on the type and style of the harness. (examples below)
A basic carburator style harness with all of the CIS and Bosch CDI wiring deleted will run $325 Shipped in the Cont US including Paypal fees.
A complete '74 to '83 OEM style harness that includes all CIS and CDI wiring, will be $575 shipped in the Cont US including Paypal fees.
A '73 MFI harness with CDI is $425
(Anything in between, will be priced in between!)
This includes: New Engine Tin Grommet, Reverse Plug Boot, CDI Connector Boot and Alternator Grommet. (I cast them myself) All wire and connectors are new.
Optional: for $75 more, I will wrap the harness using Fire resistant fiberglass sleeving, and 3M adhesive lined Heat shrink at all loom branches. (Great look)
Additional wiring services for your different harnesses are available. (Bitz kit etc.)
For the best accuracy for your car, I may need your old engine harness shipped to me.
Turn around time should be 2 weeks max after I receive your harness. (usually within a week back to you from receipt)
PM me or E-mail at for more information.
Or if I don't respond due to hotmails new "filters"...
I've been an electrician for 30+ years working in industry. (not wiring houses!)
I have the correct tools for crimping all of the special connectors.
Here's a picture of a custom Bitz kit install harness, tagged and wrapped ready to be shipped.
And here's a picture of a harness being built using an original, OEM unused harness as a model.