New Front Oil Cooler Assembly

about 1 year ago
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San Diego, CA

I have a brand new front oil cooler assembly available, from my abandoned 911 project. Nothing was ever installed and I have the original packaging for everything. I put together this parts list with the help of Pelican "KTL" - one of our resident 3.2 Carrera gurus. I needed a front oil cooler assembly that included everything from the front of the long brass oil lines. I think the only thing missing is a pair of AN-12 hose ends to connect the hoses to the cooler. The following parts are available:
TRE Front oil cooler duct
This is optional for a behind-the-bumper oil cooler, but provides the best performance. It gets welded between the latch panel and the suspension pan to provide air flow out of the cooler.
Earl's Oil Cooler Assembly
- Earls Plumbing Temp-A-Cure Oil Cooler Core (26000AERL)
Aluminum cooler, finished in black. Dimensions: 18.50 in. x 8.25 in. x 2 in.
- Earls Plumbing Cooler Adapter 585112ERL (585112ERL)
These adapt the ports on the cooler to take a -12AN hose fitting.
- Earls Plumbing Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket Kit (1302ERL)
Beautiful black brackets to mount the cooler (anodized black).
Summit Racing sells these parts for $350+$20+$50=$420.
-12AN Hose and Metric/AN Adapters
- 6 feet of -12AN black premium, black nylon hose, from Redline Performance. See product page HERE.
- Pair of adapters to connect the ends of the hose to the metric (30mm) factory brass oil lines. This is a neat one-piece solution to using multiple fittings/adapters. These were sourced from BAT Inc. in Florida.
Hose sells for $75 at Redline and the adapters are $32 each = $139.