2000 Clear Title 138K 5 speed many new parts - $3500

about 1 year ago
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The following was replaced when I purchased the vehicle 1500 miles ago(With receipts)
-Pads & Rotors
-Timing Belt
-Camshaft Seals
-OEM Spark Plugs
-NGK Spark Plug Wires
-Water Pump
-Crankshaft Seal
-Valve Cover Gasket
-Pully's, spring, tensioner
-TYC Radiator
-Rebuilt OEM shifter
-Transmission Fluid
-Differential Fluid(NON-LSD)
-Denso Fuel Pump
***Modifications & Upgrades***
The following was replaced when I purchased the vehicle 1500 miles ago(With receipts)
-Motegi 17" Wheels(OEM wheels included but are in poor shape with dry tires, but they hold air)
-Two new Nankang NS-20 Tires
-Heated Seats
-Pioneer Bluetooth Stereo
-Pioneer Component Speakers
-Python Remote Start
-ACT ZM2-HDSS Performance Clutch
-Exedy Master & Slave Cylinders
-Stainless clutch line
***About the car***
-~139K but will go up slightly as I still drive it from time to time if the weather is nice
-$2500 in receipts for maintenance and performance upgrades I did right when I bought the car. (~1500 miles ago)
-Carfax shows Im the 6th owner, an Illinois car since ~2007
-PlastiDipped Carbon Blue over a Black base. (Pre dipped pics in my Flickr account, car is originally black)
-Paint & body is 7/10, there are various dings and dents, 2 spot of rust when you open the drivers door, faded paint on the trunk, and the back bumper has spider cracks.
-Top was replaced not too long before I bought the car and it is in great shape,(glass window) and does not have any rips.
The only time I have seen a few drops sneak in is while at the car wash using a pressure washer.
Ive been caught out in the rain a few times and did not notice any leaks.
-Small rip on the drivers seat down by the tilt handle, covered with black duct tape.
-I did a foamectomy on the drivers seat, took about 1.5 from the bottom seat foam when installing the heated seats so it feels like youre sitting in the seat rather than on.
-There are some holes in the back of the interior carpet, and some of the interior plastics by the seat belts have been cut, the previous owner had a roll bar installed.
-Fog lights do not work, there are no bulbs and one of the housings is cracked.
-Runs and drives great (even in the cold), no leaks, however there is a slight 3rd gear grind of the syncros if you have the RPMs north of 4000 and you have a fast upshift.
During normal or even spirited driving if I didnt mention it, you would never know its there.
-Full disclosure, the only accident I know of is me when I hit parking lot black ice and bumped into a light pole at about 10 MPH (Pics in my Flickr account.)
I replaced the bumper cover with a new aftermarket, and a Red used hood.
Alignment is 80% there, the mount where the hood latch is was pushed in a bit so that caused the bumper cover mounts to shift a bit and thus the whole bumper cant fit on 100%.
I got it close, a bodyshop could make it perfect.
Selling because I dont NEED six daily driven cars.
I dont NEED to sell it, I dont NEED help selling it, and I dont NEED the money, so Im not really interested in entertaining offers less than what Im asking.
Its a SOLID car with tons of new parts, Im more than happy to continue to cruise top down :-)
The ONLY trade Im willing to consider is for a running 1990-1995 (NA) Mazda Miata + cash on your end (will not do a straight trade).
Looking to get into racing and not care about sliding into poles :-)
Link to Pics: