CA: 2002 Subaru WRX wagon 153K miles $4,500

about 1 year ago
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Cupertino, CA, USA

2002 Subaru WRX wagon, silver
Located in the Bay Area of sunny CA
One owner, clean title, no lien
$4,500 / offer
153K miles
5 sp MT
This car is bone stock. It's my daily drivernot babied, but not abused (I'm a very smooth driver). I bought it in the very first batch of WRXs to hit the states, around March 18, 2001. See my join date, I signed up to NASIOC right after getting it. I still love driving it, but my brother got a new car and is giving me his old Honda, which is much newer and gets much better gas mileage than the WRX, so I am doing this for practical reasons. It sucks though because the Honda is going to be the first car I've ever owned without a clutch, and the first time in 20 years that I won't own a Subaru.
I'm really hoping this will go to a good Subaru-loving home, rather than to some cheap-ass jerk from Craigslist.
Exterior: The paint is in good shape, but if you took some clay to it, I'm sure a lot of crap would come out. This car has literally zero door dings, but it does have a few very minor dents/scratches. When I got the car I carefully removed the large SUBARU lettering from the rear hatch, and sometime later some jerk rudely stole the WRX lettering by prying them off with a screwdriver, so there is some scratched paint there.
Interior: No tears or cracks anywhere. Only very minor indications of wear. All controls and gauges work (but see below).
Completely stock.
1. At the 30K service, the clutch was replaced under warranty. I even posted about it here. The clutch has been perfect ever since.
2. Timing belt and water pump replaced at the 90K service at the dealership.
3. New radiator and hoses in 2016.
That one stupid issue:
Ever since this car was new, it occasionally throws a CEL. Sometimes it turns off on its own, sometimes I reset it. It has never amounted to anything. The dealer mentioned sending the chip back to New Jersey for reprogramming, but I declined. It always passes the smog check with flying colors.
Things that should be fixed:
1. The right windshield washer nozzle stopped squirting recently. The left nozzle works fine, so it should be an easy fix (clogged nozzle?), I just haven't looked at it.
2. The rear window washer stopped working a while ago (the wiper is fine).
3. The headlights have dimmed somewhat because of hazing of the lens. It could use a good polish.
Maintenance items that could be coming up:
When I had the new radiator and hoses installed in 2016, I asked the mechanic to go over the whole car and see what else needs to be done.
1. The rear brakes are original. He said the pads are thin, but also said the rotors should be replaced. They are fine now, but keep this in mind.
2. The battery is about six years old now. He said the voltage is low, but it's still cranking strong.
3. The Dunlop SP8000 tires have another 10K in them I think?
Price: $4,500 / offer
This is the KBB private party value for my area for a WRX in "good" condition.
VIN: PM me
Interior shots coming...
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