Custom 99/00 HID Retrofit OEM Headlights with TRS Ballasts/Igniters/Hi-Lo Wiring

5 months ago
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Huntsville, AL

I've updated to an NB2 front bumper/headlights and have my old OEM NB1 headlights for sale.
Tabs are all in tact.
In the Fall of 2017, I bought;
2.5" Mini Projector Lens for H1 Headlights Retrofit Kit
5000k White H1 Bulbs
The Retrofit Source 50w/AMP: Morimoto XB Ballasts/Igniters
The Retrofit Source MotoControl Bi-Xenon: H4/9003
I removed the NB1 lenses and sprayed the chrome reflector thingy with High Temp Satin Black paint and installed the Projector Lens.
I baked everything back together at 220* for 15 minutes.
No leaks, seals are watertight!
I'll try to post as many pics as possible and I have a video of the TRS Hi-Lo Beams working.
And the "bright lights" dash light still works with the TRS kit.
I believe I still have the instructions for the TRS wiring, but it's pretty straight forward.
Unsure what it's worth, so I'll post it for $250 plus shipping.
That's for both completed NB1 Projector Headlights, plus 2 more NB1 Lens/ Chrome Reflectors (not pictured), the 5000K White H1 Bulbs, the TRS Morimoto Hi-Lo Beam Wiring Kit and the TRS Morimoto 50/AMP Ballasts/Igniters.
It's pretty much plug and play and the lighting is amazing over the stock NB1 lights!
Thanks for looking!
IMG_20170806_070609661 by Jason M., on Flickr
IMG_20170806_072604465 by Jason M., on Flickr
IMG_20170806_103245947_TOP by Jason M., on Flickr
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