MINT 5-spoke alloys - non-polished version - North Carolina, can ship

almost 2 years ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

The favorite stock wheels for autox/track - at 13.1 lbs, these were the lightest OEM 15" wheel put on a Miata other than the 95M BBS, and a ton easier to keep clean/straight.
In fact, these might be TOO nice for track - put your track tires on your current older wheels, keep these for your daily driving set.
Removed from a well-kept, low-mile NB, and you can tell by the pictures. No curb gouges, only the tiniest of edge scrapes anywhere along the edge - have to look very, very closely even to be seen. The finish is still in beautiful condition, and wheel weights are properly mounted on the inside to preserve the wheels' appearance.
Center caps still fit nice and tight, and their finish hasn't faded like you see on many caps. The tires are no brand you'd recognize or want, and tread is mostly gone - I'm leaving them on only for anyone who needs them to drive home or drift with before replacing.
$325 for a local sale - willing to meet you halfway if you live within 100 miles of Charlotte. I've also got family who can deliver to Duluth GA, but only if paid in advance.
If you're not nearby, I'm willing to foot the bill for tire removal if you pay for shipping - probably around $50, a little more if you're on the other side of the Mississippi.
Grab them now just in time for your new summer tires!