NIB, never used, discontinued Saratoga Trunk Saddlebags - black w/ red *Miata* script

almost 2 years ago
NIB, never used, discontinued Saratoga Trunk Saddlebags - black w/ red *Miata* script
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Charlotte, North Carolina

I scored this recently thinking it was the NA version, but this is for the NB trunk lid, so I'm going to let it go to a better home. Looks like it would fit the NA pretty well, but given that this still has the original adhesive on it, seems a shame to put it in anything other than an NB for a perfect fit. is such a wealth of information, you can still see the original "hot from 2000" product endorsement here. Without that listing, I'd have had no clue that the two elastic loops are an umbrella holder - go figure.
That supplier Duetto Motors is long gone; this one came from Moss. As you can see here, Moss continued selling them for a time, but without the Miata script. Now they're no longer available period.
My understanding is that the Miata mark was a copyright issue, which is why a lot of products shifted to a "Roadster" script later on. So this is truly a rare find - no longer manufactured, with a Miata script mark that wasn't available for long even when they were manufactured.
Before I picked this up, I had never seen one of these for sale in the classifieds, ebay, or anywhere else. The only one I've even seen on a car was in the 2000SE that went for an absurd $18k on BAT. Here's how that special edition version looked, will give you a good sense of the excellent fit on the underside of an NB trunk lid. Also provides protection from interior dents when you accidentally close the lid on something with a corner.
As the attached pictures show, mine comes in the universal charcoal finish rather than the SE variant, with a sharp red script. $199 plus shipping - will be delivered in the original box and packaging, with even the original paper stuffing that was in the saddlebags for shipping and never removed.