NJ: 2015 STI Limited, 64k mi, 800+whp capable, $33k

11 months ago
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North NJ

My 2015 STi Limited is for sale! I'm out of the game for a couple of reasons. My business is one of my top priorities and I just don't have the time to enjoy the car anymore. I want something I can just cruise to/from work in and while it's an amazing machine, this is just not that kind of car. Call me an old man, but these days I'm happiest behind the wheel of a soft car with a fat, boosted v8.
The details:
Car was purchased in May 2014 from Subaru of Morristown. I am the sole owner. Modded it up to 360whp/380wtq and drove it for 50,000 miles without a hiccup until eventually the ringlands went. It was the result of a cracked/lifted TGV delete. AFRs went all over the place and goodnight Irene. So the build began. All work was done at Precision Tuning Motorsports in Spotswood, NJ. Car currently has 64,000 miles, 12k on the new motor. All IAG break-in procedures were followed and the car has been running 10w/40 motul or 15/50 redline oil since, changed every 1500-2500 miles. Currently making 450whp/400wtq @ 22psi, limited by 93 oct. This is an 800+whp build, simply held back by my current fuel setup and turbo. Meth/E85, larger turbo and the sky is the limit with this car.
Asking price is $33,000.
IAG Stage 4 closed deck short block
Manley turbo tuff pistons and I-beam rods
Pinned mains, ARP 625 rod bolts, JE head gaskets
Ported/polished heads, GSC valves/springs/retainers
Manley billeted crankshaft
BC 280 stage 3 cams
ETS 3.5" FMIC with powder black piping
Blouch Dom 3.0xtr
OMNI 4 bar/Grimmspeed EBCS
AEM 320lph fuel pump
Aeromotive FPR and fuel rails
IAG fuel lines
ID1000cc injectors
IAG billet aluminum TGV deletes
Perrin engine mounts
Killer B holy headers
Killer B up pipe
Killer B oil pan/baffle/pickup
Grimmspeed limited catted downpipe
Corsa catback exhaust
Tial 38mm EWG
Turbosmart BOV
Cobb SF intake
Beatrush pitch stop
Perrin transmission mount
Clutchmasters 6 puck hybrid
Carbotech 1521 brake pads
Defi 30psi gauge, driver side vent pod
Primitive racing custom skid plate with oil pan hole and stinger tail
The car received a 20 hour paint correction and ceramic coating in November 2017.
Post will be updated along the way, as I am most certainly forgetting things.
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