OEM 91BRG Tonneau (Used Once!!) and Boot Cover - Tan

6 months ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

The purge of OEM items from BRG 1463 continues with two rarely used, excellent condition items - $149 for the tonneau, $69 for the boot, $199 for both. Priced for local pickup or shipped at buyer's expense.
The tonneau is still in the OEM box and includes the vinyl storage cover. It was literally used once - never opened by the original owner, and used by me on New Years Day about five years ago during MrMustang's Jan. 1 top-down tradition.
The downside to using it once on a cold day is one of the straps tore (see closeup) - it's still there if you're any good at stitching; I decided it was better to leave it alone.
The boot was used probably a dozen times, though for a period of about a year it was stored in a warm summer shed, so it does have a few dark spots on the underside. Still looks as new when installed on the car, and both have been kept in air-conditioned storage for the last few years.