The butterfly brace evolves!

about 1 year ago
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Flyin' Miata

The butterfly brace has been a very popular upgrade for NA and NB owners for years. And now there's a new generation.
Want the highlights? Lighter, stiffer, easier to install, more ground clearance, less expensive.
The full butterfly increased torsional rigidity by 29% over a NB2 without sport bracing. When compared to a NB2 with factory braces, our setup was still worth an 11% increase. And that's compared to the stiffest NA/NB Miata ever made! The new setup is also better than our old butterfly.
The new setup ties right into the front subframe mounting points. It allows for better exhaust clearance than our previous. Ground clearance is the same as a car with the factory braces. The whole setup is 10% lighter than the previous design and offers more room for the brake/fuel lines. Naturally, it's still made here in the US. The first production units should be here at the beginning of August.
Now that is progress.
Order the new butterfly v2.0 now!
The new design is unfortunately not compatible with our old frame rails unless you want to do some welding. So we're blowing out our existing stock of frame rails at $149. A small number of previous generation butterfly braces are also available at nearly $400 off.
(note - prototype shown without the front mounting bolts in place)