VVT Engine

about 1 month ago
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Greenville SC

Got a new engine so probably going to sell the engine that is currently in the car. Mileage is around 200k? I got it in a parts car a few years ago. It had been replaced in that car as the vins did not match. No real idea on mileage. So lets just say 200k. Has been in my car for the last 40k. Been mostly used as an autox and track day car. Last 10k miles were mostly driving to the track, doing a track day and then heading home. Has been dead reliable but has recently started using a little more oil. Compression check came back 155,150,160,158 a couple months ago and has not been drove much since. Engine was cold and throttle plate closed. Can tell its down on power. Had thought of rebuilding it but got a deal on another engine so just going to take it out. If it does not sell then it will just sit in the garage. Will be in the car for the next three weeks or so. If you want to come hear it run and I can take you for a ride in it if you can fit in a Sparco Sprint seat.
Will come as a long block. I will be removing my square top, racing beat header, coils and wires, non broken dip stick and maybe a few other odds and ends.
Has been a good motor just needs a refresh. This would be a good candidate for a rebuild. Asking $400 for it. Not going to deal with shipping but I do travel some so might be able to deliver for a fee. I am located in Greenville SC.
Picture from a few months ago.