Your Opinion on the value of a core motor 3.2

about 2 years ago
Available on
redondo beach

Not for sale yet... still evaluating.....
Here are the specs....what do you believe the value is?
mid 1980's 3.2 motor. Stock.
was a running motor when removed.
fuel injection gone, and been running 40mm PMO's for the past 7+ years, as well as street driving
motor has been mated to a 915 transmission, and has seen monthly autocross with pca for the fast few years.
has been burning some oil and smoking a bit... good leakdown numbers, but low compression in #5 so could be bad rings, or cylinder, wall, or ??
PMO's have been removed and are not to be included for your pricing estimate..., however, all else is there, including fan, alternator, distributor, etc...
see photo...but assume no carburetion, no exhaust, and no transmission....
what would you say is a fair a running, but needing rebuild, core motor?