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1992 C2 White Coupe for sale is a very nice and clean 1992 C2 coupe 5 speed grand prix white exterior. body is in very nice condition. it has 2 barely noticeable dents in the front driver fender which i would have to point out to you. the rear spoiler has a crack in the plastic as most of them do dark blue interior....
SC Tool Kit Comes with everything as you see it $200 shipped
1976 911 Frankencar this car started out as a 1976 911S targa and now is the convertible you see here. the body kit is all fiberglass the chassis is actually very solid and rust free the good: good running 3.0l out of a 1981 SC i think 915 transmission shifts smooth brakes work fine real fuchs 16 x 7&9's gau...
1974 914-6 GT Replica this car is originally a 1974 914-4 previous owner upgraded it with gt glares and put a 2 liter motor out of a 1969 911T motor runs strong. it sputters when cold as do most of there cars with weber carbs. i would recommend taking them apart, cleaning them out, reinstalling and adjusting. 5 spe...
PFC Brake Pads New i have 3 sets of never used pads 0045.11.15.44 front 911 74-89 $125 0031.11.15.44 rear 911 74-89 $120 0045.08.15.44 front 911 74-89 $110 add a flat $15 shipping whether you buy one or all 3 please verify fitment before purchasing thanks
Open Diff from 1986 915 as title states, this is an open differential from a 1986 that was removed in place of one with lsd. nothing wrong with it. $100 shipped to conus
1976 911S Widebody this is a 1976 911S all steel widebody the body is in good shape. the metal flares are well done. there is little rust on the car. one being the driver door jamb. this is the outer skin only. you can see inside the hole that all the metal in there is good. another is a small spot just in front o...
OMP Race Seat this is an xl omp hte race seat does not come with any of the pads has scratches from mounting etc wat you see is what you get $150 picked up in hollywood, fl shipping is probably more than seat is worth but if you insist i'm willing to ship at your expense. due to size of box probably anot...
1977 911s this car is a driving project. perfect to turn in to a track car the tub is a 1977 911S originally silver green metallic now it's a an all steel 964 wide body which was actually well done body - the car was originally silver green metallic, then black, now white. honestly the paint is not that g...
Essa Tech Porsche 707 RWHP !! This is a car that Joe Essa built for himself to use as a driver / shop car. The idea was for it to be a reliable monster. for those of you in the know, Essa Tech builds monster turbo cars in south florida. It started out as a clean, rust free 70k original mile 1976 912E and it went crazy from th...
912E ECU & Air Snorkel i bought this to have as a spare. i plugged it in to make sure it works and it did. i put it in a box, put it up on the shelf and haven't touched it since. that was a year and a half ago. i sold the 912e and have no use for this anymore. if you have a 912e you know these are very hard to come by ...
1977 911S Race Car E Class Winning Car Proven E Class winning 911 Euro SC for sale Began life as a very late build, rust free 1977 911 S. This means it is galvanized and has the vacuum brake booster of the SC. SC rear flares were welded on making it identical to a real SC. It is log booked as an 1983 911 SC in PCA, NASA, and SCCA....
Jongbloed 15" Aero 305 Racing Wheels w/Hoo... these wheels are super light and strong. great for E class race cars in excellent condition. they fit a standard body sc or carrera without spacers i will get widths and post up next time i go to the shop tires are hoosier r7's with only 2 heat cycles on them. sizes are 275/35/15 rear and 225/45/...
Sport Seats 81-84 just got these back from the upholsterer i had them recovered in supple leather with suede inserts and no piping never installed since redone one seat has slider the other does not. $2500 obo plus shipping and paypal unless you want to pick them up and pay cash in hollywood, fl
Headers 1 5/8" not sure of the manufacturer they look to be of good quality. just stained and such from normal use but no dings $400 shipped to conus
Tool Kits first one is a brown kit which i believe came out of a 1982 - $350 shipped second one is a black basket weave which i think came from a 1975. very dirty but should clean up ok - $250 shipped
Engine Oil Thermostat from 2.2l title pretty much says it all. part # x1.215.83000 $60 shipped
Spare Tire Tie Down Bow Tie Thingy $40 shipped
Sparco Sliders these sliders move smoothly. missing the adjustment pull bar and looks as if the tabs for the bar are bent or broken. $50 shipped
1990 964 c4 this is a 1990 porsche carrera 4 coupe. car is white with dark blue interior. engine runs strong. car has 183k miles on it but it had a full split case engine rebuild at 144k miles at a cost of $14k and i can provide the invoice to show the work done. starts right up without any hesitation, idles...
Alloy "S" Calipers these came off a 1975 911S i put one through the sandblaster, at least started to. they should be rebuilt $500 + shipping
1976 Roller w/ Fuchs 7&9's this was originally a 1976 targa that was converted to a convertible (and not very well IMO). i can't get the top latched. it closes manually but i think they used a power top so i don't know how to latch it all the fenders are fiberglass tub is straight and rust free gauges are nice wheels a...
1979 911SC Owner Manual and Pouch in decent driver condition pics tell the story $125 shipped
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2013 Acura TL 2013 Acura TL Advance SH-AWD 47k miles out... $17,400.00 - 21 hours ago
1992 C2 White Coupe - Audi over 2 years ago
SC Tool Kit $200.00 Other almost 3 years ago
1976 911 Frankencar $15,500.00 Other almost 3 years ago
1974 914-6 GT Replica $16,500.00 Porsche almost 3 years ago
PFC Brake Pads New $89.00 Other almost 3 years ago
Open Diff from 1986 915 $100.00 Other almost 3 years ago
1976 911S Widebody $22,500.00 Other almost 3 years ago
OMP Race Seat $150.00 Other almost 3 years ago
1977 911s $23,500.00 Porsche almost 3 years ago
Essa Tech Porsche 707 RWHP !! $52,500.00 Mercedes about 3 years ago
912E ECU & Air Snorkel $50.00 Other about 3 years ago
1977 911S Race Car E Class Winning Car $22,000.00 Subaru about 3 years ago
Jongbloed 15" Aero 305 Racing Wheels w/Hoosiers $2,000.00 Porsche about 3 years ago
Sport Seats 81-84 $2,500.00 Other about 3 years ago
Headers 1 5/8" $400.00 Other about 3 years ago
Tool Kits $250.00 Other about 3 years ago
Engine Oil Thermostat from 2.2l - Other about 3 years ago
Spare Tire Tie Down Bow Tie Thingy $40.00 Other about 3 years ago
Sparco Sliders $50.00 Other about 3 years ago
1990 964 c4 $34,000.00 Porsche about 3 years ago
Alloy "S" Calipers $500.00 Other about 3 years ago
1976 Roller w/ Fuchs 7&9's $12,500.00 Other about 3 years ago
1979 911SC Owner Manual and Pouch $125.00 Other about 3 years ago