1961 Ampeg B15N Portaflex bass amp

over 2 years ago
Mike Goldring
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
memphis, Tennessee, USA

This is a vintage 1961 Ampeg B15N Portaflex bass amplifier.
I purchased from the original owner who bought it new.
This is what I know about it, he said the speaker was changed long ago, it is a vintage Jensen C15N.
The handle is missing on the top, the power cord is original but appears to have an old replacement 2 prong plug.
Owner said he had the cabinet speaker input changed by Ampeg to a 1/4" jack.
Whoever did it used some hot melt glue to secure the plastic jack cup. I put a big washer with a back up strip to hold the jack in place tightly, will include the jack cup that was in the cabinet.
The chassis is very clean, no rust, chrome is clean and shiny, all the label lettering is intact.
The amp circuit appears to be all original, tubes are all old Ampeg / Sylvania and appear to be original also.
The amp works and sounds good on both channels, but it would be a good idea to have it serviced and get new filter caps etc.
Some of the pots have a little scratchiness that some contact cleaner / lube would fix.
The tolex has some wear particularly on the bottom, and it looks like the seam on the side was glued down previously.
It has the removable wheeled dolly on the bottom, which may or may not be original to the amp, it has the later blue Ampeg check tolex.
The amp is fairly big and heavy, shipping won't be cheap, I generally use FedEx Ground. I will pack it well and it will be fully insured.
I don't know what shipping will cost, so I'm figuring $150 within the continental USA, if you're interested contact me and I'll get an accurate estimate before the sale.
Local pickup would be great! I'm in the Memphis TN area.
Sold as is due the age of the amp.
more pics on request

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