For Sale/Trade Acoustic Control Corp. 370/371: $900 OBO

about 4 years ago
For Sale/Trade Acoustic Control Corp. 370/371:  $900 OBO
Count Bassie
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Rhode Island

Rhode Island
Newly essentially rebuilt on the inside, this one is as good as factory-new, work done by John at Cove Electronics in beautiful Newport, RI.
The head is in cosmetically very good condition, all original knobs, sliders, etc.
Graphics are excellent.
The head works like an old charm, loud and very 70s!
The 301 cab is also in excellent working condition, though there are a couple cosmetic issues:
Two of the plastic cups that retain the amp's feet are missing;
The white T-strip that surrounds the grille cloths above and below the blue Formica (TM) stripe are missing;
Tolex is cut away from the very bottom of the cab, due to wear;
the groove in the plywood cabinet that the white T-strip sits in is compromised at the bottom of the cab.
The wheels are fine for tilt-back cartage, most of the Tolex looks pretty good, and the original Cerwin-Vega speaker still kicks like a pissed-off mule- has that penettrating sound that gets into your sinus cavity and makes you feel funny... love that... See a pic or two of the 301 cab with another head- that's when the 370 head was getting new guts- caps, etc.
Good as new now, I'll post more pix of the whole monster.
I'll get more photos up, or sent to you at your request.
It is what it is, and if it's your flavor it's a killer.
Just ask John Deacon- if you can find him.
$900 cash/Paypal would be what I'm after.
$600, including shipping, for just the head, and yeah I'm trying to not ship the cab!
Offers welcome, trades (+ cash) considered.
Trade ideas...?
* Lightweight power amps
* Older Trace Elliot heads
* Ampeg SVT-III, non-Pro, SVP-Pro preamp...
Thanks for reading!