Trade feeler: Ampeg, EV.

about 10 years ago
Trade feeler:  Ampeg,  EV.
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Will sell all three cabs for $600. Or $300 for the 410. $250 for the 115.
$150 for the EV.
Central / Southern Cal
I need to simplify my life and clean out my garage.
Looking for one solid all purpose cab.
My trade bait is as follows:
1. EV BM-115.
Here is the description from TBer Glen when he originally sold it to me:
This is an early 2-way bass system designed by Electro-Voice. Features a 200 watt 15" cast frame EV15B woofer and a 6" VMR vented mid-range for the upper frequencies. It has a passive 2-way crossover with a four position high freq attenuator 0, -6, -12 (dB) and "off " to control the VMR output. Has two 1/4" speaker connections. It is "ruggedized" with aluminum edge protectors, steel grill and 3/4" plywood construction, it's almost indestructable. In 100% working order, the VMR was replaced many years ago and the cabinet has been virtually unused since (issue free). I did a simple mod for biamping and this can be easily undone upon request. I stopped biamping (too much equipment). Includes removeable casters.
I used to transport this in an old Honda hatchback back in the '80s doing the club circuit in town. The 'batmobile' is long gone so it's been time to find a home for this beauty (impossible to fit in my current ride).
$150 weighs about 87 lbs, dimensions: 24.5"w x 28.5"h x 14"d. It's been reliable and is in very good condition, still sounds great, loved though unused for years.
8 ohm
Stanley Clarke used to endorse these back in the day.
Here is a pic:
Next, I have a road tested, battle-scarred but perfectly functioning AMPEG SVT 410HE
Beat up from transporting, but it has not been driven loud.
Various tears in tolex and the screen frame is nailed to the cab.
8 ohm
Finally, I have the counterpart to the 410 for those wanting full stack nervana.
Same perfect operating condition, in better road condition. 8 ohm.
I am looking for one cab. 4 ohm. 4 X 10 or a 2 X 12?
Something road worthy. I love Ampegs but IMO they don't travel well.
Is there someone out there younger and more ambitious that wants the full stack rig of doom that the two Ampegs bring together?
Somebody trustworthy who has a used Eden 4 X 10 or a Genz Benz XBT that haven't been driven hard? Like I said, these haven't been driven hard.
Just look that way.
They are oozing Bakersfield honkey tonk mojo if that means anything.
Central and SOCAL pick up and exchange makes the only sense. I would travel to get out of the tule fog this month.

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