For Sale Aria Pro II TSB-650 Medium Scale, Neck-thru, MIJ

about 4 years ago
For Sale Aria Pro II TSB-650 Medium Scale, Neck-thru, MIJ
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Hello all, I have a 1980 Aria Pro II TSB-650 medium scale bass up for sale. This is a nicely grained natural finish, made in Japan. This is one of the neck-thru models with two pickups, basically the top of the "Thor Sound" line. Each pickup has a series/parallel switch (one of which has been replaced). The controls are stacked vol/tone knobs. One of the smaller knobs is a replacement but it matches fairly well. The electronics and pickups work as they should.
I had the output jack replaced with a Switchcraft.
The main issue with the bass is there is a bit of a "tongue swell" in the neck, meaning it rises a bit at the higher fret part of the neck. If you play too hard, it'll fret out in the upper frets. It doesn't play bad at all, though, and is gig-worthy. I just had it professionally setup and it's got .100 - .40 steel D'Addarios.
This bass also has some "mojo", or "relic" vibe to it. Ok, it's just beat up on the bottom edges! Luckily it's the bottom so you can really see it when you are playing or onstage. It has a dent on the back of the neck and many other small nicks. However, it does look pretty nice for an '80.
I believe the body is ash, and it's nicely figured! The weight is just about 9lbs. The nut width is 45mm which is the same as the SB-1000 models. It also has a brass nut but the bridge is die cast, not brass as the SB-1000s had. It has the narrow string spacing.
Asking $425 shipped in the CONUS. I just have a very thin gig bag (ie dust cover) for it, but I'll pack it well.
Thanks for looking!
I have more photos of the bass here:
Aria Pro II TSB-650 Natural by Jason
| Photobucket
Also, here's a clip of Tony Butler of Big Country rocking a TSB (though with the older headstock design):