For Sale Chi-Sonic Aria DMB-380 Mosrite style

over 3 years ago
For Sale Chi-Sonic Aria DMB-380 Mosrite style
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For sale is my heavily modified Aria DMB-380. I bought this because I love the look of the old Mosrite guitars and basses. Aria made a lot of great modern improvements. However, they wanted to keep the price point low, so a lot of cheap parts were used. Functional but not quality. Here now is quality, functionality, and fantastic tone and playability.
1. All work, except the finish,was done by Phil Jacoby of Philtone Guitars. Without question one of the top luthiers on the east coast.
2. The cheap tuners were replaced with Gotoh
3. The cheap plastic nut became a hand fitted/carved bone nut.
4. Cheap bent plate bridge becomes a Hipshot Aluminum Type A bridge with top load and string through option. Currently using string through
5.The weak generic J pickups are replaced with the amazing Chi-Sonic single coil pickups. Both pickups are single coil. The bridge pickup is in the Dual coil housing just for aesthetics.
6. The very cheap wiring is replaced with a Switchcraft jack and 500k potentiometers.
7. Schaller strap buttons are added.
8. The alder body is professionally finished by Chris Bavaria in beautiful Lake Placid Blue poly. Pickguard is mint color and chrome top hats are the knobs.
9.Bass is wired, like a J bass, Volume, Volume, Tone. 500k pots are used for a modern aggressive tone.
Financial commitments are forcing me to clean house. The bass is in great condition. Minor scratches on the bottom rear. Otherwise in excellent cosmetic condition. Currently set up with SR2000s medium/low action. Truss is fully functional and frets in excellent shape.
The maple neck/rosewood board is satin finished. Very thin, very fast.
Weighs in at approximately 9LBS even.
Very versatile custom instrument. If you do the math on the parts/labor you know you are getting a crazy great deal.
Will ship in a gig bag. Price includes shipping East of the Mississippi. West coast players please add $20.00.
PayPal is good.