Project Aria Pro II SB 800 - RARE?

about 6 years ago
Project Aria Pro II SB 800 - RARE?
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Columbus, IN

Here is an Aria Pro II SB 800. It's 1978, because that's the ONLY year they made this beast. It's an SB-1000 with a Bolt on neck. This one has been around the block, modded, and still Kicks hard! With the exception that the Pre Amp module smoked. I tested this with one from an SB-1000 and she fired right up on all cylinders! The tuners were replaced with Gold Schallers, and the cavity cover is "Aftermarket". The knobs... Are Knobs! It has bumps, bruises, and it has taken a fall. There is some Distress in the finish, but the wood is 100% intact. (I tried to Break it off, no go Joe!) To make this one work you will need to get a replacement preamp, which are available for less than $100.
Here are some Pics!
Bat Wing Headstock!
Schaller tuners
Bolts right on!
This thing ain't coming off!
The Guts, minus Black Box. (Goes on the White Clip)
There are Cracks in the Finish, but not the Wood!
Top of the Bat looks Healthy!
She's 34" scale, 1 3/4 at the Nut, and a tad over 10 Lbs on the Bathroom scale. To get this Beauty in all it's Glory will cost you a Mere $400 shipped.