TL-6, Fender Squire Precision 5, Aria Fretless 6.

over 6 years ago
TL-6, Fender Squire Precision 5, Aria Fretless 6.
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First up, Peavey TL-6. I would rate it a 6 out of ten. Everything on this bass works fine. It does have dents and scuffs. It is rock solid.
ISSUES: The truss rod nut I had replaced professonally at Schmidt Music in Minnesota several years ago. No issues with adj the truss rod. The back battery cover I have taped on.
Price is 425 shipped, no case.
check or money order prefered. U.S shipping only. for all basses listed.
NEXT UP: Fender Squire Precision 5
This one I got from a TB member here but cant remember who. It has Velix pups, Not sure of the Pre-amp. Everything works fine. Perfect for your" take to the bar" bass.
ISSUES: Some minor scuffs scratchs here and there. On the back there is what looks to be a hairline crack in just the finish of the bass, not the bass itself, Hopefully the pic I took of it will show it, thats how narrow it is. I also had a one time a bridge cover on it but have since removed it so you can see the holes for it.
Price 150 Shipped, No case.
pic of the hairline crack in finish, hope you can see it.
FINALLY: Aria Pro II Steve Bailey 6 Fretless
I believe the specs are as follows.....
3 piece maple neck w/ebony unlined fingerboard. 34" scale, I belive the spacing is 18mm spacing. This bass is AWESOME! I would rate it a 8 or 9 out of 10. only because of some swirls and very lite scratches. Several of these have been sold here on TB so you can do a search on them as well.
ISSUES. It's Heavy, I think in the area of 12 lbs. very minor marks on fret board due to round wound strings but not serious.
here is a link to a TB member here Kevin Woods playing one. Not mine however.
Price 550 shipped.
Not looking for any trades unless you have a Fender Am Jazz 5 for all three of these! Hip me up!
Thanks All!