Vintage Japanese Telecaster copy

over 1 year ago
Vintage Japanese Telecaster copy
John Rosett
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Steel Guitar Forum
Missoula, MT

This is a circa 1970 Japanese telecaster copy. It has no brand on it, but it looks just like several Aria brand guitars that I've seen from that era.
It's in generally good playing condition, and has been my regular gigging guitar for the past year. There's a split in the fingerboard from the 15th to the 21st frets. It doesn't affect playability, and hasn't moved in the time I've had it. There are a couple of wear marks on the back edge, and I don't think that the knobs are original. It has one original saddle, and two brass compensated saddles on it, but I have the other two originals and will include them It's a good sounding tele, and it has a zero fret and shorter 24 3/4" scale. A "vintage" tele for the price of a Squier! It comes with a nice PRS gig bag which has had the shoulder straps removed. Get in touch for more pictures. Asking $250 plus actual shipping(I'll take the neck off to cut the cost). I might be interested in trading for a small tube amp.
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