Pre War Rickenbacker Model B Bakelite Lap Steel

about 1 year ago
BC Rich
Chris Watkins
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Steel Guitar Forum
Eastern North Carolina

For sale is a 1936/37 Pre war Rickenbacker model B Bakelite lap steel for sale . This is the real deal has the 1 & 1/2 horseshoe magnet all original and is about as clean as you can get case is in super condition as well. The number 6 Tuner button as you can see has been replaced with a penny a 1920 penny to be exact this was a pro job and it works great . No history on when this was added I got this from Gruhns Guitars and it was that way when it came to them they thought it added to its character and left it as it was Excellent, Rich Sustain great tone probably about as good as you can get . I will do 1150.0 Shipped & insured
(US Sales) check or money order will be fine. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska will be more thanks !