Anybody Wanna Trade?!

about 1 year ago
Anybody Wanna Trade?!
Ian S. Cameron
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Saskatchewan, Canada

this guitar has been my "workhorse" for the past 5 years... it's seen a lot of gigs, a lot of shitty bars and basements, but been well cared for the whole time. i bought the guitar in 2012 from Al Brisco and have had it serviced by him a couple of times since. i recently switched the knee levers around so that the e-eb lower is on rkl, and i have also switched the pickup to a lawrence 705 humbucker. the guitar also comes fully loaded with a carter flight case, which was custom fit on the inside to house the guitar.
i really don't have a strong desire to part with the instrument, but i just landed a SWEET double neck linkon which will now be my "main axe" so that gives me a bit of flex with this guitar. i'm really not looking to sell the guitar, but i suppose if you rREALLY want it you could send me an offer over private message. otherwise please toss out your trades. i would like to swap for another single neck pedal steel, that's about the only thing on my mind. in terms of how a trade might work with shipping can be worked out if something awesome comes up but my immediate thought would be to split the combined cost of shipping guitars.
check the pictures and let me know! (very sorry if they're upside down)